Five Metal Riffs for Your Next Visit to the Music Store!

“Play something for us!”

Always at a loss for something to play for your friends or when you’re in the music store?  You’ll sound great playing these riffs!  Free lesson package includes video of five riffs played at tempo, slowly, and at 60bpm with on-screen animated tab. PDF and optional Guitar Pro file included.  These riffs are from the package of “100 Metal Riffs” by Sarah Spisak.

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Reviews of “100 Metal Riffs” by Sarah Spisak:

“I must say this is the best course I’ve seen in a long time. There’s lots of other lessons along these lines out there for purchase but they tend to be artist specific. This is jam packed with riffs from all over the place! And they all sound killer! I think a better title would have been “How to Sound Awesome when Jamming in a Guitar Store!” -Jason Williams

“That is absolutely the most fun that I have had playing to a lesson in a long time.
Great video, beautiful tabs.”- Sean Rogers

“Been waiting for this all my life.” -Jeff Toma

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