Who Are We?

We’ve been creating great guitarists since 1982.  Metal Method was founded by Doug Marks and answered the prayers of aspiring players at a time when there were few choices for mail-order lessons.  As one of the most trusted and respected sources for guitar lessons we have a worldwide following of pro and amateur musicians who keep coming back for fresh inspiration and high quality education backed up by reliable and friendly customer service.


Meet Our Instructors

Doug Marks- Founder of Metal Method and guitarist for Sunset Strip band Hawk, he brings his stage and music business experience and street-smarts to his practical teaching method.

Michael Angelo Batio- Hailed as the “world’s fastest shredder” and acclaimed for his “Speed Kills” instructional series, he’ll give YOU the keys to the Lamborghini!

Sarah Spisak- Her love for metal guitar comes through in her ground-breaking and innovative lessons which make music theory fun and accessible as you learn crunchy riffs and melodic solos.

Dan Mumm- With a huge number of fans following his music, he has created the hit “Sweep Pick Mechanics” program.

Will Flaherty- Bone-crunching melodic metal is his specialty and he breaks down all of the techniques you need to create your own heavy riffs!

Dee J Nelson- A gifted composer and producer with extensive recording credits, he explains complicated information in very simple terms.


Which Course is Right for You?

Beginners: If you’re just getting started, Stage One of “The Complete Guitar Course” will get you up and running! Doug will teach you how to hold the guitar, read tab, dial in a good sound and everything else you need to begin playing. Once you have the basics down you’ll be ready for Monster Power Chords by Dee J Nelson.

Riffs: If metal riffing is your passion, we’ve got you covered with several courses by Sarah Spisak and Will Flaherty. “Metal Riffology” and “100 Metal Riffs” teach more traditional metal styles, while “Metal Rhythm Extreme” gets extra heavy with dropped tunings and death metal sounds.

Soloing and Theory: For lead guitar, continue with “The Complete Guitar Course”. Sarah’s “Melodic Principles for Rock Guitar” will teach you all you need to know about scale theory, and her “Easy Guitar Modes” will help you to master the sounds and shapes of all seven modes and write melodic solos. “Lead Guitar DNA” by Dee J Nelson uses arpeggio shapes to navigate chord progressions.

Shred Guitar Technique: Dan Mumm teaches sweep picking from the absolute basics to complete mastery in his “Sweep Pick Basics”, “Sweep Pick Fundamentals” and “Sweep Pick Mechanics” lessons. Learn two-handed fretting in “Fret Touch Mechanics”. Michael Angelo Batio covers advanced picking and tapping techniques in the “Speed Kills” series.

Shred Guitar Repertoire: Learn three complete songs by Michael Angelo Batio in the “Speed Lives” series. Dan Mumm teaches you to play “A Glimpse Beyond Shred Guitar” and “Classical Masterpieces for Metal Guitar”.