Arpeggios for Rock Guitar – Free Lesson

“Arpeggios for Rock Guitar” by Sarah Spisak – Free Lesson

In this free lesson we learn how to play the diminished triad in three different patterns, then we use the arpeggio over a backing track.  The chord progression, or harmonic sequence, is:


Have you ever heard somebody try to solo over a chord progression and it just sounded like scales? And was that somebody you, perhaps?

Just learning a few simple arpeggios and how to use them can make a huge difference in your musicianship and confidence on your instrument.  In this program you will learn to build and play arpeggios and use them to play great sounding licks and riffs.  Get started for free with the diminished triads shapes in the video above!

This lesson is from “Arpeggios for Rock Guitar” .

Download tab PDF, Guitar Pro file and backing track MP3: