February 4, 2015
Speed Lives and Kills Package

Speed Lives and Kills Package

This massive package from Michael Angelo Batio is packed with exercises and advice covering the principles of shred technique. You will also learn three complete songs- “Hands Without Shadows”, “No Boundaries” and “The Finish Line”.
February 3, 2015
Metal Riffology and Melodic Principles Combo Pack

Guitar Riffs and Melodic Principles

This package includes 3 Metal Riffology Volumes and 3 Melodic Principles Volumes.
February 2, 2015
power chords

Complete Dee J Nelson Package

This is Dee J Nelson's complete package for rhythm and lead guitar!
February 1, 2015
Metal Rhythm Extreme

Metal Rhythm Extreme Guitar

Brutal, intense, bone crushing, skull shattering… this is Metal Rhythm Extreme! If you like Thrash metal, Speed metal, Death metal, Melodic metal, Black metal, Progressive Metal, Metalcore and other modern metal, then this program is for you!
January 30, 2015

MAB PUNK’D – Unaware of Hidden Camera

We were recording MAB’s latest instructional video and I put a GoPro camera on my head. Then I snuck into the studio while Michael was recording […]
January 28, 2015
Classical Masterpieces for Metal Guitar

Classical Masterpieces for Metal Guitar

The fastest way to elevate your guitar playing ability is to step outside the box. By that I mean, if you're a rock player, add some blues, or jazz, or any other distinctive genre of music. In Classical Masterpieces for Metal Guitar we're going to explore the world of classical music as written for metal guitar.
October 3, 2014
Michael Angelo 1986

Star Licks Master Series Michael Angelo

You may have thought that Speed Kills was the first shred instructional video. Michael Angelo actually recorded this Star Licks Master Series Michael Angelo five years before Speed Kills. This includes many of the exercises that Michael later made famous on Metal Method instructional videos. It also includes a few that you've never heard before.
September 23, 2014
songwriting for guitarists course

Songwriting for Guitarists

You want to hear your music on the radio, the Internet, or even Sirius XM - that's a realistic goal. Somebody's doing it, why not you? For your song to go viral you must make sure that your music fits with an existing format. You must be creative but not so unusual that your music doesn't fit the playlist.