B Minor Chop Builder is a supplemental lesson for Lead Guitar DNA that will work on your picking consistency and leave your pinky begging for mercy. This exercise focuses on techniques such as alternate & sweep picking, pivoting technique, and arpeggios as applied in Lead Guitar DNA.

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Monster Power Chords Volume 2

Building on the fundamentals studied in MPC Volume 1, the intensity gets kicked up in the sequel!
MPC Volume 2 introduces:

  • new rock chords including inversions
  • a fresh look at scales through the eyes of a rhythm guitarist
  • commingling of power chords and scales
  • picking endurance exercises
  • more drop tunings
  • accenting and syncopation
  • odd meter

This list does not even mention the best part of this program- the emphasis placed on riff creation. Specifically, this program shows you how to build riffs and song sections using all the tools listed above and by introducing the use of Core Riffs, Turn Arounds and Transitions. By introducing the the core riff as well as turn arounds and transition riffs, students gain an understanding of how a basic idea can turn into something special.

MPC Volume 2 comes with 36 new exercises and 5 new backing tracks. The backing tracks are also great for practicing lead guitar improvisation skills. This program is tied together by featuring an exclusive lesson for one of the songs Dee J Collaborated on with Dope entitled “Selfish”.  Released in October 2014, Selfish is the first single from the bands 7th studio album Blood Money.

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