Beginner Rock Guitar Lessons

Free beginner rock guitar lessons

Beginner Rock Guitar Lessons – A free 4 week course

by Metal Method Instructor Doug Marks


The video, at the top of this page is a quick overview of what you’ll be studying in the first four weeks of the Free Beginner Rock Guitar Lessons.  These four weeks, along with the videos and study materials are free.

Once you experience these first few lessons, there’s no turning back.  Next thing you know you’ll have that Strat or Les Paul that you’ve always wanted and actually feel like you deserve it. Maybe you’ll even buy a Marshall stack – just when the neighbors thought they were safe.

Ok, I’m getting ahead of myself but prepare to have the most fun you’ve had in years.  You can sign up for these first four lessons below.  You’ll also receive our free weekly newsletter which includes tips, free lessons, and special offers.  Every newsletter we send has a link at the bottom to opt-out at any time.


This includes four weekly Lessons and a link to all lesson materials: fretboard diagrams, backing tracks, printable tab, and Guitar Pro files to play along with the exercises at any tempo.

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Overview of the course

Here’s a quick overview of what you’ll be learning in the first weeks beginning with how to read guitar tab. You may wish to purchase Guitar Pro software (available separately) which allows you to play along with all exercises at any speed and even change the tab to standard music notation if desired.

Guitar Tuning

Next, how to tune your guitar the old-fashioned way. This is a quick and easy set of instructions.  We also recommend a digital tuner which allows you to tune like a pro with no musical skill required.  This is perfect for beginners.

Do you have the talent to play guitar?

A question that I’m often asked is, do I have the talent to learn how to play guitar?  Talent isn’t something we’re born with, it’s something we attain through experience.  The harder you work, the more talent you’ll have.  The most important ingredient for talent is to enjoy playing guitar.  It’s been said that the world’s best guitarist is the person that enjoys playing to most.  Simply put, if you love to play guitar, you’ll spend more time with hands on the strings.  That’s what counts.

How to properly hold a pick

This is not as easy as it sounds.  We include step-by-step instructions for the correct way to hold a pick.  It’s best to learn simple techniques correctly at the beginning.  Otherwise, you’ll find it quite difficult to change once incorrect technique takes hold.  This all about muscle memory.  Trust me, you don’t want to store faulty technique as muscle memory.  It’s very difficult to change but with time and patience it’s possible.  Still, why not begin by learning these basic techniques correctly?

Power chords

These chords couldn’t be any simpler to perform.  Just move two fingers up and down the neck to play in all positions.  Technically, power chords aren’t chords, they’re intervals but it’s not necessary for you to take this into consideration yet.

After you’ve learned how to play the first exercise you can play along with a backing track that features bass guitar, drums, and other instruments.  You’re the guitarist. People will be quite surprised to hear how great you sound playing with the backing tracks.

Play any song with two fingers

You can play about any song with just two fingers as I demonstrate with Smoke on the Water.

Power chords and distortion – equipment demonstration

Power chords require a distorted guitar sound.  So, I’ll show important amp setting on an inexpensive practice amp.  Then I’ll give you some effect pedal advice. Although this is a demonstration of hard rock sounds, the course primarily covers classic rock.

Am I too old to learn?

Another question that beginners ask is, am I too old?  Age shouldn’t even be a consideration. The question is, do you have the time, love and motivation to play guitar daily?  These are the most meaningful factors for success.  Most of my students were familiar with Metal Method in the early eighties.  We were huge at the time.  My students were sixteen years old then which means they’re around 50 now.  And as you’ll learn on our forum, many are having the time of their life learning more than they ever imagined possible.

Basic playing technique explained

Basic techniques like proper hand position are explained.  Next, how to position the guitar properly.  An adjusted guitar strap can give you even more mobility by slightly raising the guitar above your leg.

Power chords on the fifth and fourth strings

The next exercise moves power chords to the fifth and fourth strings. This is very easy to learn once you have the sixth and fifth string power chords down.

Parts of the guitar explained

All parts of the guitar are explained and demonstrated from pickups to switches and knobs.

Free beginner rock guitar lessons – get started right now!

Since this is an overview of lesson one, where are we headed from here?  There are 48 lessons in the Complete Rock Guitar Course.  The course includes beginner, intermediate and advanced lessons.  I refer to these as weekly lessons, but you may designate them as monthly lessons.  Set your own pace and stick to it.  It’s possible to complete the course in a year but it usually takes longer.  How long it takes to complete depends on motivation, consistency and time available for practice. Sign up for a month of free lessons below and get ready for quite a ride.  Let’s get started right now!