May 12, 2019
Practice Guitar

Guitar Practice: Practice Makes Perfect by Dan Mumm

Neoclassical shred guitarist Dan Mumm explains his guitar practice secrets. These tips show that guitar mastery depends on a great practice routine. This in-depth article explains how proper practice technique has contributed to Dan's success.
May 17, 2019
Free beginner rock guitar lessons

Beginner Rock Guitar Lessons

This beginner rock guitar lesson includes everything needed to get started playing rock guitar today. Learn to read tab, play power chords, tune, and more. 4 lessons free of charge.
May 20, 2019
How to be a great guitarist

How to be a Great Guitarist – A Simple Secret

Ever wondered what it takes to go from ordinary to extraordinary? Dan Mumm shares his secret. It's important insight into becoming an original.
May 25, 2019
How do I get better at guitar?

How do I get better at guitar?

The answer to "how do I get better at guitar?" usually is, practice. It's more complicated than that. Easy answers are often clear, simple, and wrong. In my list of Top Ten Tips to Master Guitar, this is the number one tip.
May 27, 2019

One shot at guitar stardom

You may only have one shot at guitar stardom. Dan Mumm explains how to avoid blowing your big chance.
June 4, 2019

Do you get nervous playing guitar?

Do you get nervous playing guitar? Ever played for friends and suddenly can't remember what the chords are. We've all been there.
June 6, 2019
How do I get better at guitar?

How to Play with Feeling

Drop the analytical decision making and allow your many hours of practice and repetition to take control. To play expressively, allow your emotions to choose notes, rhythm, and playing techniques. Become the passenger instead of the driver. I like to think of this as “thoughtless” guitar playing.
June 11, 2019
right guitar instructor

Find the Right Guitar Teacher – 12 Tips

Choosing the right guitar teacher is an important decision. Regardless of how you choose to improve your skills, with or without a personal coach, it takes time. We all must guard our precious time because there’s so little of it to spare. This article is all about making the correct choice to find the right guitar instructor. There’s a big payoff when you make this decision correctly.