This is Dan Mumm with Metal Method video guitar lessons.

In this video I will be teaching you an excerpt from my arrangement of a Concerto in Am by Vivaldi. It uses a simple three string sweep pattern in two different positions. The sweep patterns use the third, second, and 1st fingers on the respective strings in a “staircase” like pattern. Remove each finger after picking the string and then lightly dampen the string with that finger or dampen the previously played string with your picking hand. This will allow you to achieve a clean sounding sweep.

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Dan Mumm’s Sweep Pick Mechanics

Even if you’re not interested in including sweep arpeggios in your playing technique you’ll still find that this wealth of arpeggio shapes is an invaluable tool for understanding the relationship of notes across the fret board. Adding these patterns to your playing style will greatly increase your ability to write and improvise creative melodies and melodic solos.

To reach that next level of playing expertise it’s necessary to understand arpeggio shapes across the neckl. This is true regardless of your preferred playing style.

This program explains 3, 4, 5 and 6 string sweep patterns and include hybrid patterns, non-arpeggio patterns, tapping patterns, and sweep “songs.” With over 60 exercises and patterns you will have material to study for years to come.  GuitarPro animated tab and a printable booklet are included on disk and in digital download.

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