Weekly Lessons – $7.95 Each or 4 for $19.95 ($5 Each)

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Metal MethodDesign your own custom program – Less than $5 per lesson

Choose four weekly lessons priced at $7.95 each and pay only $19.95!  You can combine lessons from the new “Complete Guitar Course” by Doug Marks, with lessons by Dan Mumm, Dee J Nelson, and Will Flaherty. Check back often because we’ll be adding lessons by Michael Angelo Batio and Sarah Spisak very soon!  Plus, we’re continuing to add new lessons by Doug, Dan, Dee J, and Will.

 Here’s how the custom program works

Add four individual lessons to your cart and enter 4-weekly-lessons into the coupon window.  Pay less than $5 per lesson – that’s $11.85 less than the price of individual lessons. You can save even more by using the 12-weekly-lessons coupon code. Put 12 lessons in your cart and pay only $4.58 per lesson – just $54.95 for the 12 lesson package.


Doug Marks

“The Complete Guitar Course” – 48 Weekly Lessons – Click Here for Complete List

Dan Mumm

“Sweep Pick Basics” – 4 Weekly Lessons – Week One | Week Two | Week ThreeWeek Four

Will Flaherty

“Metal Rhythm Extreme 3 – Death Metal” – Two Lessons Currently Available – Week One | Week Two

Dee J Nelson

“Sweep Picking in Odd Meters” – One Lesson Currently Available – Week One


Doug Marks, all around good guy and Metal Method Guitar instructor hasn’t written anything for this space.  There will be links here for his beginner, intermediate, and advanced Weekly lessons from his Complete Guitar Course

Dan Mumm, all around good guy and Metal Method instructor hasn’t written a description for what is happening here. Dan’s photo is second on this list because he has more Weekly lesson than any other instructor aside from Doug Marks who has 48 lessons. Dan has 5 Weekly lessons with a sixth almost completed. Way to go Dan!  43 more lessons and you’ll surpass Doug Marks’ excquisite effort. This will be a link to Dan’s Weekly lesson page.

Will Faherty, all around good guy and Metal Method guitar instructor.  Will is next on this list because he has two Weekly lessons.  I know that he’s very close to finishing a couple more. I’ve had a peak at them and as usual, they’re incredible.  Looking forward to your new Weekly lessons Will. In the coming weeks instructors will be “deconstructing” their previous programs which will make this library of Weekly lessons huge!  There will be a link here to Will’s Weekly lesson page which will be rather sparse until we get a couple more lessons.  Go Will go!

Dee J Nelson, all around good guy and Metal Method instructor has just completed his second Weekly lesson. Goo Dee J go!  We’ll be making it available this coming Tuesday in the newsletter.  It’s great, an extension of his Lead Guitar DNA series.  If you haven’t worked with his 2 string arpeggios you honestly don’t know what you’re missing.  Good stuff!  A link to Dee J’s lessons will be here by Monday.

Sarah Spisak, all around good girl and Metal Method guitar instructor.  Should that be good lady or good chick or just Ms. Sarah?  It’s hard to be as politically correct as I try to be.  Sarah doesn’t have any Weekly lessons yet. That’s why her picture is way down here.  The position of these will change over time depending on how many Weekly lessons an instructor has to offer. I predict that within two weeks Sarah will be in one of the top positions.  For now, this is a link to her Weekly lesson page which is devoid of Weekly lessons. This will change soon.

Michael Angelo Batio, Metal Method instructor and all around good guy. When we recorded Speed Kills 1 and Speed Kills 2 a couple of years ago they were designed to be divided into specific Weekly lessons.  Although Michael’s Weekly lesson page is empty now, within a month it will include Weekly lessons teaching all techniques of shred guitar as only Michael can teach them. There will be a link to MAB’s empty Weekly lesson page here.