Sweep Pick Mechanics

Sweep Pick Mechanics is a comprehensive guide to sweep picking. It covers basic to advanced techniques taught on an interactive DVD and digital download. Players who are new to sweep arpeggios will achieve perfect technique with each note sounding clear and audible at even lightning fast speeds. Read More

Dan Mumm Platinum Package

Six courses from Dan Mumm explain the fundamentals of sweep arpeggio techniques and move into very advanced playing styles. Read More

Shred and Sweep Package

Four programs from Dan Mumm teach shred techniques and musical applications. Read More

Classical Masterpieces for Metal Guitar

The fastest way to elevate your guitar playing ability is to step outside the box; if you’re a rock player, add some blues, or jazz, or any other distinctive genre of music. In Classical Masterpieces for Metal Guitar we’re going to explore the world of classical music as written for metal guitar. Read More

Sweep Pick Basics

Dan Mumm teaches you the absolute basics of sweep picking in a lesson that you can master this week. Read More

Instructor Dan Mumm

Neo-Classical guitarist, Dan Mumm, has been playing and studying music and composition since childhood.

He has built a following around the world with his audio and video releases of original instrumental music as well as his Metal interpretations of Classical pieces by the masters. He has a strong presence on the web on sites such as YouTube where his views number in the millions.

As an instructor, Dan taught private lessons for guitar, bass guitar, drums, piano and violin for over 12 years. He has authored four instructional guitar programs with Metal Method, including the highly acclaimed and popular Sweep Pick Mechanics – a comprehensive guide to sweep picking technique.