Dan Mumm’s Sweep Pick Mechanics

Sweep Pick Mechanics by Dan Mumm is a comprehensive guide to sweep picking. It covers basic to advanced techniques taught on an interactive DVD and digital download. Players who are new to sweep arpeggios will achieve perfect technique with each note sounding clear and audible at even lightning fast speeds. Read More

Dan Mumm Platinum Package

These six courses explain the fundamentals of sweep arpeggio techniques and move into very advanced playing styles. Read More

Sweep Picking Combo Pack

A whole new approach to Sweep Picking.  This is a different kind of course than Sweep Pick Mechanics and Dan’s other Sweep Picking programs.  The Sweep Picking Combo Pack contains two companion products, a highly specialized linear video course that takes you through beginning to advanced sweep arpeggios and techniques, and a massive 4 volume tab eBook series that includes 455 sweep patterns.  Combined, you will learn the ins and outs of what makes a sweep arpeggio pattern, how they relate to one another, how to extend or modify existing patterns and build your own.  Read More

Shred and Sweep Package

Four programs that teach shred techniques and musical applications. Read More

Classical Masterpieces for Metal Guitar

The fastest way to elevate your guitar playing ability is to step outside the box; if you’re a rock player, add some blues, or jazz, or any other distinctive genre of music. In Classical Masterpieces for Metal Guitar we’re going to explore the world of classical music as written for metal guitar. Read More

Sweep Pick Basics

Dan Mumm teaches you the absolute basics of sweep picking in a lesson that you can master this week. Read More

The Sweep Picking Compendium

For those of you who are ready to expand your arsenal of Sweep Patterns indefinitely through tabs alone, The Sweep Picking Compendium Complete Package is exactly what you need!  With a grand total of 455 sweep patterns, arranged for reference, you will have virtually endless Sweep Patterns at your fingertips.  But The Sweep Picking Compendium can be used for much, much more than simply extending your sweep vocabulary.  Read More

Dan Mumm

Instructor Dan Mumm Bio

Dan Mumm is a seasoned guitarist, composer and performer.  He began music at a very young age and has been composing and performing ever since. Originally making a name for himself in the Sacramento music scene, in recent years Dan has built a worldwide following.  Dan’s original music and unique Neo-Classical arrangements of popular Classical pieces have garnered millions of plays and video views online.  He released his debut solo album “A Glimpse Beyond” in 2012, his EP “No Illusions” in 2013, following up with his 2nd full length studio album “Peering Through the Lens of Time” in November 2015.  As a solo artist Dan has released over 70 recordings.  Dan is a multi-instrumentalist who also plays and writes music for the violin, bass guitar, drums and piano, among others.  Dan is also associated with Doug Mark’s legendary Metal Method, having made 5 advanced instructional guitar programs under the label.  His comprehensive guide to sweep picking technique, Sweep Pick Mechanics, was one of the best selling programs, upon it’s release, in Metal Method’s 30+ year tenure.  Dan has also performed around the world, making appearances at international trade shows such as Music China in Shanghai, NAMM in Anaheim, CA and the Frankfurt MusikMesse in Frankfurt, Germany.

Dan has endorsements with Parker Guitars, DV Mark amps, GoGo Tuners, the You Rock Guitar, Dean Markley Strings, Guitar Pro Software, and Ogre Pedals.


Michael Angelo Batio (voted “No. 1 Shredder of All Time” by Guitar One Magazine, and one of the “Top 100 Greatest Metal Guitarists of All Time” by Guitar World Magazine): ” Dan Mumm is a great, innovative young guitarist. Dan has total mastery of the instrument and is one of the best guitarists in this new generation of players. He is also a great instructor.”

Doug Marks (guitarist and producer of the Metal Method instructional DVD series): “Guitar virtuoso Dan Mumm has set a new standard for neoclassical shred guitar. Dan is not just a shred monster, he’s also one of today’s finest new composers.”

Cliff Elion (inventor of the You Rock Guitar and President of Inspired Instruments) “Dan is an impeccable guitar player with astounding technique and musicianship, he has helped us demonstrate the capability of our product, the You Rock Guitar – he has shown us things that we did not even know were possible. Dan’s professionalism is not limited to the guitar. He has written and produced several informative videos for us that really delivered our intended message, concisely and with great entertainment value.”