The Complete Dee J Nelson Package

This is Dee J Nelson’s complete package! Read More

Lead Guitar DNA Package

This program shows you how to tastefully combine arpeggios with bluesy licks and bends to create memorable solos! Read More

Monster Power Chords Volumes I & II

This package includes Monster Power Chords Volumes I & II by Dee J Nelson. Start with the absolute basics of rock rhythm guitar and gradually build up to dark and heavy riffing! Read More

Album quality backing tracks to practice modes.

This is what's you've been missing. A purpose! These are album quality backing tracks in different modes and keys. These tracks will help you understand what each mode sounds like. Simply play along with each track using the correct mode and everything will fall into place. Read More

Lead Guitar DNA

Learning to play lead guitar, for most guitarists, begins with the minor pentatonic scale. The shape is easy to play, our index finger can stay in the same fret, and mostly, it never seems to sound bad. But there comes a point for every guitarist that they realize the pentatonic scale is a dead end. You wind up stuck in a box, regurgitating the same riffs over and over with no regard for the chords you are playing over. Read More

Lead Guitar DNA 2

Lead Guitar DNA 2, Phractured Phrygian is all about the Phrygian Mode which is used widely in hard rock and metal music. The many classic tunes that use the Phrygian sound include: Metallica’s “Am I Evil”, Megadeth’s “Symphony of Destruction”, and Steve Vai’s “For the Love of God”. Read More

Monster DNA Package

This package includes four of Dee J's most popular programs: The Monster Power Chord series and the Lead Guitar DNA series. Read More

Instructor Dee J Nelson

Chicago based guitarist Dee J Nelson is famous for contagious guitar hooks.

These riffs can be heard on the 2014 Dope single “Selfish”. His collaboration with Edsel Dope can be heard on the album, “Blood Money”.

Dee J earned a BA in music composition from DePaul University and has been composing and producing for all facets of media for the past 10 years, including exclusive riffage for the WWE. Dee J created lessons for Guitar World and Guitar Player magazines. After a strong Metal Method debut of the Monster Power Chord book, Nelson created the “Lead Guitar DNA” and “Monster Power Chord” series of programs.