Basic Course 1983

What’s Included?

There are three audio CDs to play in your car or home player and one data CD for your computer. Insert the data CD in a computer CD drive to print copies of the original eight booklets, our first three ads, The Metal Message newsletter, and a program guide.

When you read the full-page ad you’ll see that this material originally sold for $80 back in 1983. So, after adjusting for inflation over the past twenty-seven years this should sell for $4,999.99. That’s less than $5,000! But if you act now, it’s all yours for only $29.95.

Obviously I’m kidding about the $5,000… not the $29.95. For $29.95 you get the first eight lessons: Metal Gear, Metal Primer, Metal Progressions, Metal Tricks, Metal Licks, Metal Theory, Lesson Seven (Van Halen), Lesson Eight (Randy Rhoads), and all of the additional materials.

I hope the original 1983 puts some of my first students in touch with their original motivation to play guitar. For the rest of you, this may be an interesting look back at the inspiration for much of today’s hard rock and metal.

Let’s take it again from the top

In 1984 my ex-wife Londa and I wrote six newsletters and combined them into a booklet called The Metal Message that’s included in this package. Londa discussed image and I discussed music. I’ve shared many of these stories in my lessons and newsletters since then but it is interesting to read these observations written as I was living the experience. I answered student’s questions in The Metal Message and it’s surprising how similar their questions were then to the topics discussed on our Forum today. The Metal Message is filled with letters from students about their guitar hopes and dreams. It’s interesting to read these letters from fifteen-year-old students that are now grown adults in their fifties. That’s unbelievable.

I’ve also included our first three Metal Method ads on disk. The first one was a tiny 1/6th page ad, the second one was a 1/3rd page ad, and the final one was our first full-page ad. It’s the one with me playing the white Randy Rhoads Charvel / Jackson (pictured). The three ads were all published in the first year that Metal Method existed and show how quickly the program grew.