Classical Masterpieces for Metal Guitar

In this program, Dan Mumm teaches you a variety of excerpts from popular Classical pieces that he has adapted for Metal guitar. Beyond the enjoyment you should get from learning these recognizable melodies and passages, Dan’s goal is to help guitarists break down mental boundaries and increase their overall playing and learning capabilities. This program is meant for all levels of intermediate players. Still, it should prove useful and enjoyable to even advanced players.

The most important aspect of this lesson is its focus on fundamental lead guitar skills – often overlooked aspects of playing that are crucial for reaching your potential.  Players who have a goal of mastering lead guitar typically focus a great deal of practice time on mastering flashy techniques. Each time the player becomes aware of a new technique, they approach that new technique almost as if they are mastering a new instrument. But in truth, all guitar techniques are connected, and an approach to practice that takes this into account is incredibly effective. That is what is taught in this program.

Classical Masterpieces for Metal Guitar

The most effective way to master these exercises is to work on one segment at a time. Many guitarists are impatient and as a result, accumulate a rather sloppy repertoire of many different techniques or songs – but have mastered none. It may seem like focusing on one thing at a time would give you a limited repertoire, but in truth, once you’ve mastered one song or technique, each subsequent one will be exponentially easier to learn. Before you know it, you’ll be at a level of skill where you can easily master one or more new and complex songs per day. But if you don’t take the first step, dedicating enough time to one song or technique to master it, you’ll never reach that level of skill.

Two of the most powerful tools you can have are patience and discipline. Taking the time to acquire and sharpen these tools is a necessary step to mastering the guitar.   There’s just no way around it. But if that idea seems discouraging or disappointing, just remember that those feelings will be short lived. Disillusionment precedes enlightenment. If you commit to it and stick with it, before you know it, those feelings will be replaced by satisfaction and enjoyment.

Classical Masterpieces for Metal Guitar includes 40 exercises, printable tab, and Guitar Pro files. Guitar Pro allows you to practice while watching animated tab at any tempo. We also include a written transcript of this program.