Complete Basic Course 2007

This is the 2007 version of the course. The 2017 revision is now available here.

Each time the course is revised, some exercises and explanations are left behind as the old makes way for the new. Much of the material in the previous versions is very valuable. This course is divided into six levels, or “stages”, as follows:

Stage One-

Info for complete beginners, how to tune, basics of picking and fretting,how to read tab, learning the notes on the guitar, chords on three strings, dexterity exercises and more…




Stage Two-

Power chords and six-string bar chords, combining bar chords with open chords in progressions, strumming patterns, introduction to scale degrees, Drop D tuning, pentatonic minor scale, demonstration of guitar effects (distortion, chorus, wah pedal, etc.)




Stage Three-

Five positions of pentatonic minor, sequences and licks, hammers and pulls, rhythmic notation, complete solo with rhythm track, and additional bonus lessons and exercises by Sarah Spisak




Stage Four-

Complete solo with analysis, major pentatonic, phrasing, slides and vibrato, natural minor scale, two-hand tapping, string muting, harmonics, fun riffs and the I-IV-V progression




Stage Five-

Special techniques (tremolo picking, pick scrapes, volume swells, etc,), two solos, previews of E Phrygian and A Locrian, dominant seventh and ninth chords




Stage Six-

Basics of music theory, including scales, modes and harmony, principles of tonality, whole-tone scale, chord formulas, harmonic minor


This package includes printable tab, diagrams, backing tracks, and other lesson materials.

As an added bonus you will receive Guitar Pro files for this course. There is no better way to learn this material than by playing along with these Guitar Pro 6 animated tab files. Many GP6 exercises include complete backing tracks with guitar, bass and drums.  These Guitar Pro 6 files are an option, printed tab is included with The Complete Basic Course at no additional charge.  GP6 files are available by download only; if you choose to purchase DVD, please contact customer service and we will send you a link for the files.

To use these files you must have Guitar Pro 6 software installed on your computer or smartphone. To learn more about this software please click here.

Complete Basic Course by Doug Marks includes 6 DVDs or 6 downloads; lessons are sold separately for $19.95 each.