Complete Course 1988 Version

There have been three, complete revisions of The Complete Basic Course. The original course was created in 1982. It was revised in 1992 and 2007. This 1988 video version of the course is actually the original course recorded on video instead of audio. So, the exercises and booklets are the same as the Basic Course 1983 that has been available on audio CD for a few years.

So, why buy this course?

  • If you learned to play guitar using these videos in the late 80’s this will take you back to that era – when Metal monsters roamed the earth. Many of you will find yourself right in the middle of your youth. You’ll probably remember sitting in your bedroom practicing this stuff for hours on end. Sometimes we need to be reminded of the things that motivated us to play guitar in the first place. Metal Method students from the 80’s you will have fun watching this stuff.
  • In the process of revising the course many of these exercises were cut from the newer versions. Actually, there are a few things in these videos that should have been included but honestly… I just forgot.
  • This version was quite a bit “heavier” than the current course. I made a conscious decision in 2007 to move away from the heavy stuff and closer to a classic rock sound. I’m not sure that was a good decision.
  • There is an authenticity in the 1988 version because this was the “Age of Metal”. There have been a lot of changes in musical taste and style since these were created.
  • Metal Licks is a lot of fun. This version had 136 licks instead of the 107 that have survived in the current Classic Guitar Licks lesson. Many of the “normal speed” examples were played just as fast as I could possibly play them which brings a smile to my face. It’s also something that’s probably missing from the current version. There have been comments about this. Well, those of you that want to hear ’em played really fast, here ya go.
  • This version of Metal Licks is superior in both audio and video to the original version. This was made possible by going back to the original masters and editing with today’s software. Check out a comparison.
  • These are just fun to watch and experience the origins of The Complete Basic Course.