Complete Course 1992 Version

This is the original version of The Complete Basic Course. These are the guitar lessons that made us famous! Although this was recorded in 1992 it is still quite relevant. There are a lot of great exercises and motivation tips here not found in the current program. This edition was so complete and effective that we didn’t need to revise it for fifteen years. It was followed by the 2007 and 2017 courses.

It’s divided into six levels and twenty-four weekly lessons. Each lesson covers technique, theory, equipment pointers and motivation tips. We’ll teach you how to set attainable goals and have a lot of fun achieving them. It doesn’t just teach heavy metal. It’s also great for classic rock, hard rock and blues guitar. The course is easy enough for beginners yet challenging for advanced players.

The package is available as a digital download or three-DVD set and includes a tab PDF for each level.

Runtime approx. 6 hours