Guitar Setup and Repair

Tracy Longo is “The guitar tech to the stars.” He has over 35 years of professional experience in Southern California. Tracy is also a factory trained authorized gold level technician. In this simple “do it yourself” guitar repair course guitar tech Tracy Longo discusses all of the basic electric guitar setup tips and tricks. You can’t find this stuff anywhere else.This will teach you how to setup your guitar for maximum speed and amazing performance. It also explains how to do minor repairs and maintenance for your instrument.

Everything that you need to know about guitar setup and repair is included. Electric Guitar Setup and Repair explains important bridge adjustments, intonation settings, truss rod settings, electronics repair, pickup installation, and string action adjustments. Tracy also covers Floyd Rose and other vibrato bar adjustments. Is it driving you crazy trying to keep that Floyd in tune? Tracy has the answer.  You’re going to love this program. You’ll find it useful for years to come.  It the perfect reference guide for all guitarists, not just metal and hard rock.

The DVD provides easy navigation. There are about 50 chapters so you can Instantly zero in on the adjustment or repair that you need. This program is 85 minutes in length and available on DVD and “on demand” digital download.The bottom line on this program is, you can work on your guitar like a professional.  All you need is a few simple tools that you probably already own.  Your first setup will pay for the cost of this program.  Order Tracy Longo’s Guitar Setup and Repair right now.

Guitar Setup Tips – Top 5 Preventable Guitar Repairs

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