Jazz Progressions – Michael Angelo Batio

The Surprising Origin and Roots of a Virtuoso

Michael Angelo Batio’s guitar playing journey began with childhood jazz guitar lessons. This program explores the origin of this musical influence. Now you’ll have access to the same knowledge that has been the foundation of his music.

These progressions are great exercises for two reasons. First, they are extremely hard to master and will give your fretboard hand a great workout. Second, the Jazz Progressions will impact your own musical expression and expand your harmonic vocabulary.

Patience is the key to mastering this program. Set a goal of learning a single progression each week. You may never master all twenty-four so consider this; even if you only master one progression you can use it as a warmup next time you’re playing with friends. We guarantee that they’ll be blown away. The fact that you only know one progression will be our secret!

We strongly recommend that you print the booklet before attempting the progressions. You will find it invaluable as you can see the chord charts and familiarize yourself with the advanced, sonic textures and concepts of Jazz. We also include Michael’s hand written original booklet.

This program teaches 24 classic jazz progressions. It is a revision of his 25 Jazz Progressions lesson first created in 1997 and later revised by Sarah Spisak for Metal Method. The course includes Guitar Pro files and a PDF tab booklet. The program is available as a Digital Download. Download this today and begin learning 24 Jazz Progressions tonight. Tomorrow you’ll be a better guitarist.