Lead Guitar DNA

Get out of the Pentatonic rut

In order to be an effective and creative lead guitarist you must have a strong understanding of the relationship between the licks you are playing and the chords you are playing over. Lead Guitar DNA will show you a clear approach to understanding this relationship. This program explains the need to understand 2 string arpeggios to master lead guitar.

Included with your DVD are a variety of on disk files that will help you along the way.  These include: Printable tab booklet, bass and drum backing tracks, and play along GuitarPro files.

What you will learn in this program

  • 2 string arpeggios
  • Common tone soloing
  • Chord tone soloing
  • Modal soloing
  • Triad soloing
  • Triad chord theory
  • Move beyond the pentatonic
  • Lead guitar improvising
  • Includes guitar and bass backing MP3 tracks