Michael Angelo Batio Box Set – The Complete Collection

This package is ideal for the Michael Angelo Batio fan who wants to own all of his lessons available from Metal Method!  You’ll get his most recent lessons as well as earlier and legacy lessons; even the Star Licks video is here.  Jam along with Michael in the “MAB Jam Session” and expand your chord vocabulary with “24 Jazz Progressions”.  This MAB treasury collection includes the following thirteen titles. On sale for just $129.95 – reduced from $199.95!    Click on images for more info:

The Speed Kills Series: Speed Kills 1, Speed Kills 2, Speed Kills 3  –

The three Speed Kills programs are all about playing technique. In these three lessons Michael Angelo Batio explains every shred technique at his command. These techniques aren’t just for neo-classical shred. They form the foundation of modern electric guitar technique.



The Speed Lives Series: No Boundaries, Speed Lives 2, Speed Lives 3 –

These three lessons each teach a note-for-note MAB song. These programs are designed to show you how Michael applies the techniques that you learned in the Speed Kills Series. These three songs are taught note-for-note by Michael: No Boundaries, Hands Without Shadows, and The Finish Line.



24 Jazz Progressions –
Michael Angelo Batio’s guitar playing journey began with childhood jazz guitar lessons. This program explores the origin of this musical influence. Now you’ll have access to the same knowledge that has been the foundation of his music.  This program teaches 24 classic jazz progressions. It is a revision of his 25 Jazz Progressions lesson first created in 1997 and later revised by Sarah Spisak for Metal Method. The course includes video, Guitar Pro files and a PDF tab booklet with tab and chord diagrams.



Star Licks Master Series: Michael Angelo –

This was Michael’s first instructional video and he didn’t hold back. In 1987, he didn’t visualize that one day he would have this massive collection of programs. This was written, and performed when shred guitar first became popular. The vibe is incredible!




Speed Kills 1991 –

This was Michael’s first Metal Method lesson. It became known as “the shredder’s bible.” It also includes the first live performance of No Boundaries. This is a tour de force that remains unmatched in skill, technique, and instruction.




The MAB Jam Session –
This is your chance to jam with guitar virtuoso Michael Angelo Batio, regardless of your skill level. Ten original tracks recorded with Stuart Bull on bass and Gerry Cunningham on drums will help you develop your rhythm and lead skills at your own pace.  The video consists of animated tab for the rhythm tracks and suggested licks, along with recommended modes.  Michael does not appear in this DVD but performed all the guitar parts.



Legacy Lessons – 

These are original versions of lessons that have since been updated and revised. Still, they’re full of amazing performances and instruction. Your MAB library isn’t complete without these first generation programs.






Speed Lives Legacy Edition – This lesson teaches the song “No Boundaries”.


Speed Kills 2 Legacy Edition – This was revised as “Speed Kills 1”.


Speed Kills 3 Legacy Edition – This was revised as “Speed Kills 2”.


This Package Includes: No Boundaries | Speed Lives 2 | Speed Lives 3 | Speed Kills 1 | Speed Kills 2 | Speed Kills 3 | Star Licks Master Series | Speed Kills 1991 | MAB Jam Session | 24 Jazz Progressions | Speed Lives Legacy Edition | Speed Kills 2 Legacy Edition | Speed Kills 3 Legacy Edition