Monster Power Chords Volumes I & II

Monster Power Chords Volume I is perfect for beginning and early-intermediate guitarists.  With all the attention given to shredding, we often overlook the fact that you can have an amazing amount of fun and rock your audience (or friends and family, or pets) with the simple solid basics covered in this program.  The 46 exercises will help build dexterity and coordination and there are plenty of fun and easy songs to get you ready for your first band or garage jam!  Monster Power Chords Volume II gets heavier with darker scales and lower tunings.

Monster Power Chords I includes jam-a-long drum loops and full blown backing tracks.   As an added bonus you can practice your lead guitar skills over the tracks with the recommended scales and arpeggios.  You will learn:

  • Rhythm Notation Basics
  • Open position power chords
  • Rhythm Pyramid Exercise
  • Mixing Rhythms and Chords
  • Connecting Chords with Melodic Bass Notes
  • Adding the 6 and b7 Extensions for Classic Rock Riffing
  • Mobile Power Chords and Extensions
  • Exercises for Lateral and Vertical Motion
  • Plus palm muting, muted strumming, natural and artificial harmonics, hammer-ons & pull-offs, legato slides, 16th notes, alternate picking, and drop D tuning

Monster Power Chords Volume II covers:

  • Combining Dyads or Two-Note Intervals
  • Single-String Scales
  • Blues-Scale Power Chords
  • Picking Endurance Exercises
  • 8th Note Downpicking
  • 16th Note Patterns and Riffs
  • Transitions and Turnarounds
  • Mixing Scales with Chords
  • Phrygian Blues Scale
  • Spanish Phrygian Scale
  • Core Riffs and Variations
  • Accents and Syncopation
  • Drop-C Tuning
  • Odd Meters and Groupings
  • “Over the Bar” Phrasing

Guitar Pro 6 files are included for you to play along with all exercises at any speed at no additional charge. (Guitar Pro software sold separately).