No Boundaries Note for Note

Speed Lives 1

Many people think that the name of the song on the original Speed Kills lesson is called Speed Kills, but it’s actually called No Boundaries. This song was created by MAB to illustrate every neoclassical shred technique known to man.  That means that once this lesson is mastered you’ll have a real understanding of shred guitar.

Michael Angelo Batio breaks the song No Boundaries into 27 parts. He explains each section then plays the part at full-on shred speed.  Next he plays the section at 50% tempo and you can see both the fretting and picking hands in detail.  Then, each part is shown with on-screen animated tab.

About this Lesson

If you’re buying this lesson to learn No Boundaries at full-on shred speed you may find that goal a little intimidating.  Start off with a modest goal of learning each of these 27 parts at about 25% of the original tempo.   What this means is you’ll develop awesome shred technique and over time be able to increase speed until you reach your potential. Optional Guitar Pro files are included so you can play along with the tab at any tempo. (Guitar-Pro software program required to play these files.) Start off slow and gradually go for  your max.

Download this program now and begin working on this today. Tomorrow you’ll be a better guitarist.