Complete Guitar Course

Metal Method 2018 – Complete Video Guitar Lessons

We began this journey in 1982 with the release of the first version of Metal Method guitar lessons on audio cassette.  Since then this course has been completely revised three times and taught players all around the world to become skilled rock guitarists.  The revisions always reflect new music styles, techniques, and changes in technology.

The Complete Guitar Course is available by digital download or 14 DVDs or streaming to all devices.

Many of the improvements to the course over the past four decades have been in response to student questions, comments and suggestions.  This program has been shaped by a collaboration between Doug Marks and his students.

The course features on-screen animated tab, so you see each note as it’s being played.  Lessons include bass and drum backing tracks to give students the experience of playing with a band.  Every exercise can be looped for repetition and played at any tempo using optional Guitar Pro software.  The course is divided into 48 lessons which can be learned at your own pace.

This program is how many of today’s rock stars learned to play guitar. The following is from an interview featuring Myles Kennedy (Alter Bridge, Slash).

“You know, I started off taking lessons from a teacher and he’d teach me how to read music on guitar and play songs like Mary Had A Little Lamb and that lasted a few months. That just wasn’t going to work for me (laughs). I really wanted to play rock. I actually ordered out of the back of a magazine something called the Metal Method, which was by this guy named Doug Marks. That was how I learned to play. It was this audio cassette with little pamphlet series. It worked great.” ** Read More Reviews **

As you accomplish each module you can receive certification.  When the course is completed you can choose to be tested for both knowledge and skill.  If you pass, I’ll personally sign your certificate.  This aspect of the course is a work in progress and may not be available yet.

A very important benefit while studying this course is, you’re not alone.  Join our Forum and move through the program with students on your own level.  We all find motivation when challenged by others.  Doug Marks will personally answer questions on our Guitar Lesson Forum.  He’ll also review progress videos.  Don’t overlook this valuable free asset.  The social aspect of our program will motivate you to succeed.


  • Play along with “real band” backing tracks
  • Exercises can be looped (repeated) and practiced with Guitar Pro animated tab (adjustable tempo).
  • Exercises feature on-screen animated tab (fixed tempo)
  • Printable tab
  • Fretboard diagrams
  • DVD, Download, or Streaming to all devices
  • 48 weekly lessons
  • Certification for each Level

One last point.  Some people hear the word metal in “Metal Method” and think that this isn’t their kind of music.  Yes, the course has an edge, but it’s a solid rock guitar course.  What was metal in 1982 is classic rock today.

What is included?

All lessons have easy-to-follow on-screen tab with clear demonstrations. This package includes all 48 weekly lessons, printable tab, chord diagrams, and play-along backing tracks.  Order now and receive all 48 downloads or 14 DVDs or on demand streaming from our companion site The package also includes optional Guitar Pro 6 tab allowing you to play along with lesson exercises at any speed. Guitar Pro software is sold separately.

Today can be the first day of a fantastic journey.  Your future, as a guitarist, is calling.  Are you listening?  Get started right now.

To learn more about the individual Stages: Stage 1Stage 2Stage 3Stage 4

A small fraction of what is taught in the course is explained on this demonstration video and in the description on this page please see our chapter list for the massive amount of information included.