Rock Guitar Scales Workshop

There’s a saying about chess- that it takes minutes to learn and a lifetime to master. It might not take a lifetime to master the pentatonic scale but it can seem that way.  This clearly structured program takes the guesswork out of where to begin and what to do next.  It’s perfect for anybody who doesn’t want to memorize a lot of patterns.  Learn how to get maximum mileage out of the first octave of “Box One” of the pentatonic minor and blues scales!  Think you “already know” Box One?  Can you play it with the root on the G string?  Read on…

Are you stuck in a box?

Almost everybody gets started by learning the same “box”, and the fact that you can move it up and down to different keys, or play it 12 frets higher in the same key. That’s really just the beginning.  Do you know how to find this first box in the other four boxes?  It’s there- hiding in plain sight!  I’ve spoken to many students who thought they already knew all there was to know about Box One.  Well, they didn’t…

A common question is “why do I need to learn any other patterns?” Well, If you’re only comfortable with one position you will be limited in options for bending, hammers and pulls, and you’ll also be stuck in one area of the fretboard. If you want to solo in E, do you automatically go to the 12th fret? Well, we’re going to get you out of that trap right away.

This program begins by taking the first octave of the pattern and moving it all over the fretboard in A minor and E minor.  I don’t mean just sliding it up and down the neck- I mean actually transposing it so that we are easily and fluently playing music in all five positions!  All of the examples are played over backing tracks that have been designed to sound great with these patterns, and these tracks are included in the package.

This lesson is for the large number of people who have learned some patterns but still have trouble playing confidently and musically over a backing track or with a band. Maybe you are lucky enough to be finding this just as you are getting started on guitar! Because there is such a wide audience for this program it was created for player at different skill levels. If you can play eighth notes at 60bpm you are ready for this course, and if you have been playing for decades but still feel you are missing something, this lesson is for you!

Program features:

  • Clear instruction
  • Easy-to-follow on-screen animated tab at 50bpm
  • Simple patterns
  • Clear diagrams
  • Licks and exercises from easy to intermediate

Here’s What You Get

  • Lesson Video (Digital Download or DVD)
  • Tab PDF
  • Guitar Pro files
  • 4 Backing tracks
  • Study Guide with lesson chart and fretboard diagrams
  • Instructor support via forum and e-mail

This program includes printable tab, diagrams, backing tracks, and other lesson materials, including optional Guitar Pro 6 tab which allows you to play along with lesson exercises at any speed. Guitar Pro software is sold separately.

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