Speed Kills 1991

In 1991, Michael Angelo Batio created Speed Kills to be the ultimate guitar lesson on speed picking technique. Speed Kills 1991 is legendary for its ability to raise a guitarist’s skills to the next level and beyond. With Speed Kills you’re learning from the fastest guitarist on the planet. Don’t take our word for it. Guitar One Magazine chose Michael Angelo Batio as the Number 1 Shredder of All Time. This is what Guitar World magazine has to say about this program:

“Michael Angelo Batio’s Speed Kills is the ultimate face-melting instructional program…”

What’s included

  • Learn to radically increase picking speed and coordination
  • Alternate picking
  • Economy picking
  • Hybrid picking
  • Legato hybrid picking
  • Pedal point
  • Fretboard tapping
  • Arpeggio basics

The following advanced arpeggio techniques:

  • Picking hand tapped arpeggio
  • String skipping tapped arpeggio
  • String skipping arpeggio

Speed Kills 1991 includes animated on-screen tab so you can play along with each section at 40 beats per minute. Michael explains each exercise and technique in vivid detail.  He performs each exercise on-screen at both slow and blazing speed.  The program includes a printable booklet along with play-along animated tab. The digital download includes all these materials along with Guitar Pro animated tab files.

Some amazing guitarists learned to shred by using this course.  These players include Rusty Cooley and Metal Mike Chlasciak.  Although your guitar technique may never reach “warp” speed, we guarantee that this will make you a better player.  Get started today and learn from the same program used by today’s top shred guitarists.