Speed Lives Package

Package Includes: Speed Lives 1 | Speed Lives 2 | Speed Lives 3

Learn to play three complete songs by Michael Angelo Batio- “No Boundaries”, “Hands Without Shadows” and “The Finish Line”- or don’t!  You might prefer to pick your favorite riffs and licks from these lessons.  There are so many here that adding just a few of them to your vocabulary will bring you joy and a sense of accomplishment.  If you like a challenge, then you’ll find it in learning to play these songs from start to finish.  Or you might choose to focus on just the arpeggios or the alternate picking at first.  It’s up to you!

Melodic Shredding

In each of these three programs Michael Angelo Batio explains how to play one of his original compositions. Speed Lives teaches “No Boundaries”, Speed Lives 2 teaches “Hands Without Shadows” and Speed Lives 3 explains how to play “The Finish Line.” All are awesome, challenging compositions!

“No Boundaries” is the song Micheal wrote to demonstrate all the essential techniques- alternate picking, sweeping, tapping, phrasing, vibrato and more!  This recently updated version of “Speed Lives” includes high resolution video and detailed analysis of the song.  Speed Lives 2 and Speed Lives 3 are older lessons which are not high def or widescreen but reflect the high production values that you know and love in Metal Method products.  This is especially apparent in the accurate on-screen tab and clear, knowledgeable instruction.

Each section is played at tempo, slowly, and with on-screen animated tab.  Lessons include tab PDFs and on-screen animated tab.  Optional Guitar Pro files of “No Boundaries” and “The Finish Line” are also included.