Speed and Accuracy for Lead Guitar – Stage Four

Speed and Accuracy for Lead Guitar, is the fourth Stage of The Complete Rock Guitar Course.  The program includes 2 DVDs or 2 Digital Downloads; on-screen, animated, play along guitar tab; play along bass and drum backing tracks (MP3); and printable guitar tablature. Course begins at week 32, ends at week 48. Program length 2:30.

This program includes a revision of Classic Guitar Licks.  Stage Four also includes a revision of Speed and Accuracy for Lead Guitar.  We have included the 90 day challenge that has led to amazing results for our students.  Many have doubled their picking speed in the first 30 days.  The program concludes with the song Step-by-Step.  Once you’ve got this one mastered you have graduated from our program. It is recommended to purchase GuitarPro to play along with animated tab for each lesson at any tempo.

I completed 90% of the previous version. Then this came out. The previous version was so good that I wanted to see how it could possibly be improved. The pacing is slower, everything is made plain and simple. Doug breaks down literally everything into tiny, digestible chunks. Best of all, he teaches you how to practice and sets specific goals so you can measure your progress. If you follow Doug’s instructions and stick to the course, it is impossible not to improve your guitar playing. Bottom line: this is a quality product for serious guitarists. – Dustin

Course Highlights

  • “Moving On” backing track and lead
  • Staccato and legato
  • Speed and Accuracy program
  • 3 note per string scale
  • Potential picking speed
  • Tremolo picking
  • Symmetrical pattern
  • 90 day Speed and Accuracy challenge
  • Classic Guitar Licks include 75 licks
  • Song “Tell the Truth” with backing track
  • Step-by-step solo


Lesson Descriptions:

The Complete Rock Guitar Course – All 4 Stages

Rock Guitar for Beginners – Stage One

Intermediate Rock Guitar – Stage Two

The Pentatonic Zone – Stage Three

Speed and Accuracy – Stage Four

Table of Contents

This program includes a very detailed table of contents that includes the exact location (00:00) for each of the following topics.  There’s a ton of information here.

  • Doug playing the song “Moving On”
  • “Moving On” Lead
  • Composition trick – mix hammers and pulls
  • Staccato and legato
  • Play along with backing track
  • Introduction – Doug playing E Natural minor
  • The Speed and Accuracy program
  • Create your own 30-day program
  • The three basic Diatonic shapes
  • First of the three patterns
  • Eighth note triplets
  • Thumb placement
  • Properly hand and fingers angle
  • Anatomical differences
  • Part 2 of Speed and Accuracy for Lead Guitar
  • Three notes per string scale
  • PDF neck diagrams for E Aeolian
  • Three note scale patterns
  • Third position of E Natural minor
  • Position 1 E Natural minor
  • Transpose to A Natural minor
  • Pick and pick movement technique
  • Tip – Your focus
  • Watch your picking hand
  • String noise
  • Your picking technique may naturally improve
  • Potential picking speed
  • The tremolo picking technique
  • Picking technique for speed
  • Doug plays E Natural minor sequence
  • Part 3 of Speed and Accuracy for Lead Guitar
  • Moving scale from string to string
  • Natural minor Intervals
  • Legato exercise
  • Symmetrical Pattern
  • Moving sequence to other positions
  • Practice tips
  • Slow down to increase precision
  • To play fast, practice slow
  • How to apply speed to your style
  • 90 Day challenge
  • A song from the Hawk album
  • Time signature
  • Palm muting
  • Tip- Record yourself
  • 75 licks in this program (Classic Guitar Licks)
  • Formerly known as “Metal Licks”
  • Integrating these licks into practice routine
  • Twenty-five minor Pentatonic licks
  • How to use these licks
  • Guitar Pro and this lesson
  • Picking technique
  • Proper fingering
  • Bending notes to pitch
  • Part 2 Classic Guitar Licks program
  • How Doug practices these licks
  • 25 pentatonic licks – your new vocabulary
  • Part 3 Classic Guitar Licks Program
  • Covered in this week’s lesson “Dorian Licks” then “Natural Minor Licks”
  • 25 Diatonic licks
  • Lick from the song Tell the Truth
  • The next few weeks are difficult
  • Song and backing track – Tell the Truth
  • Open and closed position fingering
  • How to get up to tempo
  • Tip – The key to mastery
  • Beyond the Gate lead
  • Tips for sounding professional
  • Riff from 3rd Pentatonic position
  • Lick technique – Hammer, tap, pull-off, and slide
  • Chimes
  • Ostinato
  • Eighth note triplets
  • Step-by-Step to technique mastery
  • The final test begins
  • Exercise 3 is a sequence
  • 10 not so easy steps to mastery
  • Variety in hammers and pulls
  • Technique – Playing sequences clean
  • Submit a video for professional review
  • News Bulletin: There is no End
  • Record Yourself
  • Determine practice tempo
  • The Last Exercise
  • Course completion
  • Continue to review the fundamentals
  • Certificate of Completion
  • A Salute to Friends of Metal Method