Stage Four – Mastering Guitar Step-by-Step

Stage Four is the fourth program of The Complete Guitar CourseThis begins with an additional 25 pentatonic licks and 25 natural minor and Dorian licks.  This concludes Classic Guitar Licks from Stage Three.  Next are the rhythm guitar parts for the Hawk song “Tell the Truth”.  This song includes the most challenging lick of the course.  Rhythm guitar parts and the melodic solo for “Beyond the Gate” are taught over a series of weekly lessons.  This is a gradual process because this lead is one of the most challenging of the course.

The second most difficult lead is followed by…. you guessed it, the most challenging lead of the course.  The “Step-by-Step” solo closes the entire program and will serve as your “master’s thesis”. Learn this and you’re ready to meet any guitar challenge.  Doug Marks named it Step-by-Step to introduce how complex leads are memorized and performed… one step at a time.  The entire lead may appear overwhelming, but it becomes quite manageable when learned in tiny sections over time.

Stage Four is much shorter in length than the previous three Stages.  Although the lessons are brief they are much more demanding than in previous Stages.  Still, we try to make each weekly lesson attainable and not overwhelming.  This will work for you if you’ve truly accomplished the previous Stages.

I completed 90% of the previous version. Then this came out. The previous version was so good that I wanted to see how it could possibly be improved. The pacing is slower, everything is made plain and simple. Doug breaks down literally everything into tiny, digestible chunks. Best of all, he teaches you how to practice and sets specific goals so you can measure your progress. If you follow Doug’s instructions and stick to the course, it is impossible not to improve your guitar playing. Bottom line: this is a quality product for serious guitarists. – Dustin

Stage Four includes weeks thirty-eight to forty-eight.  You will learn:

  • 25 pentatonic licks
  • 25 natural minor and Dorian licks
  • Rhythm guitar parts for the Hawk song “Tell the Truth”, plus one of the most challenging licks of the course, taken from the song’s solo
  • Rhythm guitar parts and melodic solo for the song “Beyond the Gate” (formerly “Stage Four Lead”)
  • “Step-by-Step” solo (formerly “Stage Five Lead”)
  • The challenge of Mastery
  • Mission Accomplished

All lessons have easy-to-follow on-screen tab with clear demonstrations. This package includes 11 weekly lessons, printable tab, and play-along backing tracks.  Order right now and receive 11 downloads, or 2 DVDS, or on demand streaming from our companion site The package also includes optional Guitar Pro 6 tab allowing you to play along with exercises at any tempo. Guitar Pro software is sold separately.  You can get started right now.  Your future is calling.  Are you listening?  Order now.

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A small fraction of what is taught in the course is explained on this demonstration video and in the description on this page please see our chapter list for the massive amount of information included.