Stage One – The Fundamentals

Stage One is the first of four programs that are included in The Complete Guitar Course.  This lesson starts with the fundamentals and includes everything that a beginner needs to master the basics.  Still, this isn’t just for beginners.  It provides a necessary review for more experienced players.  For example, some haven’t memorized the five positions of the pentatonic scale. This is covered in the first five weeks of the course, one pattern per week.  This is a good place for even intermediate guitarists to start.  Just move through the first few lessons quickly until you reach a point that you find challenging.

This program includes: tuning, how to get a good rock guitar sound, read guitar tablature, and play power chords.  Licks are defined and taught along with lead guitar basics.  Play with a backing track the very first week and sound amazing.  Don’t be surprised if someone walks into the room and says, “I didn’t know that you can play guitar.” You’ll also learn a simple technique to play any song using just two fingers on two strings.

  • Reading tab
  • Tuning the guitar
  • Basic playing techniques
  • The pentatonic scale for playing lead guitar
  • Power chords
  • Open position and bar chords
  • Chord progressions
  • Diatonic (seven note) patterns
  • Riffs
  • Practice tips
  • …and more!

Proper playing technique is covered.  This includes correct finger angle, right elbow against torso, pull fingers to the frets instead of pressing the strings, flat wrist on the fretting hand, and palm muting.  Note names, chord names, intervals, sharps and flats, octaves, it’s all in this Stage One. Also receive guitar buying tips.  You’ll learn what you need to know about your equipment: pickups, selector switch, frets, amplifiers and effects.  All of this is covered in the first two weeks of the course.

“I used to get bored and gravitate to learning songs. I have the opposite problem now because I just want to practice the lessons and make progress! I’m loving the new course and since I can just grab the iPad and do it anywhere I’m a heck of a lot more consistent than when I was watching the dvd’s.” – Mike M ** Read More Reviews **

Stage One ends after 11 weeks. By then you’ll be playing songs and impressing yourself and others with the skills that you’ve acquired. You’ll be working on barre chords, bending strings, the hammer on technique and be on the verge of playing at an intermediate level.

This course isn’t just about playing guitar, it’s also about being motivated to become a better player.  We begin the “Top Ten Tips for Mastering Guitar” during week 8.  One tip is shared for each of the next ten weeks.  As you move on to Stage 2 you’re entering the intermediate level of guitar playing.  Congratulations!

All lessons have easy-to-follow on-screen tab with clear demonstrations. This package includes 11 weekly lessons, printable tab, chord diagrams, and play-along backing tracks.  Order right now and receive 11 downloads, or 4 DVDS, or on demand streaming from our companion site The package also includes optional Guitar Pro 6 tab allowing you to play along with lesson exercises at any tempo. Guitar Pro software is sold separately.  Your future is calling.  Are you listening?  You can get started right now.

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A small fraction of what is taught in the course is explained on this demonstration video and in the description on this page please see our chapter list for the massive amount of information included.