Stage Three – Speed and Accuracy

Stage Three is the third of four programs that are included in The Complete Guitar Course.  As this part of the program begins we reach the end of the “Pentatonic Zone” and complete the 5-note lead, “Back in Time”.

The 5 Diatonic patterns are memorized, and modal theory is explained.  Chord progressions to match these five modes are covered.  As the lesson continues you are taught how to build chord scales – the foundation of playing by ear.  Now you’ll know exactly what chords to choose in any key or mode.

Proper playing technique is explained for increased picking speed.  The Speed and Accuracy 30-day challenge has been revised and is included in this program.  Many intermediate students actually double picking speed during this challenge.

“I was 15 when I started guitar and have been playing for 13 years. From the beginning, I wanted to shred and play fast. However, I had trouble playing guitar fast. For years, I was stuck at 90-96 bpm. It wasn’t because I was lazy at practicing, it was because my technique was poor. I also had bad guitar teachers giving me bad advice. One day I discovered Speed and Accuracy for Lead Guitar and I tried the 30 day program. I learned the proper techniques for guitar speed and I was able to exceed 90 bpm and go as far as 160. The end result: I was blazin’ on the guitar as if I was possessed. After 18 days of practicing the exercises, I can finally say, “I can shred and play guitar fast!” I haven’t finished the 30 days yet, but I am already learning rock songs with fast guitar solos! One of my new year’s resolution was to play guitar fast. After several fail projects later…I finally rang the bell! Thank you very much Doug Marks!” – Jason S

Stage Three includes weeks twenty-five through thirty-seven.  You will learn:

  • Five positions of the natural minor scale
  • Chords of the minor scale
  • Speed and accuracy program (revised)
  • Dorian, Phrygian, Mixolydian, Natural Minor, Major modes
  • Tips for speed
  • Muting with both hands
  • Potential picking speed
  • Tremolo Picking
  • Rhythm part and complete solo for “Moving On” by Doug Marks (previously known as “The Stage Three Lead”)
  • The song “Can’t Fall in Love”
  • 25 of Doug’s favorite pentatonic licks from the original “Classic Licks” lesson

All lessons have easy-to-follow on-screen tab with clear demonstrations. This package includes 13 weekly lessons, printable tab, and play-along backing tracks.  Order right now and receive 13 downloads, or 4 DVDS, or on demand streaming from our companion site The package also includes optional Guitar Pro 6 tab allowing you to play along with lesson exercises at any tempo. Guitar Pro software is sold separately.  You can get started right now.  Your future is calling.  Are you listening?  Order now.

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A small fraction of what is taught in the course is explained on this demonstration video and in the description on this page please see our chapter list for the massive amount of information included.