Stage Two – The Intermediate Guitarist

Stage Two is the second of four programs that are included in The Complete Guitar CourseThe first six lessons of Stage 2 continue the beginner program.  So, if you’re a beginner and you accomplish one lesson a week for the next six weeks you will have reached the intermediate level.  That’s something great to shoot for, a real accomplishment.

If you practice properly for an hour a day, five days a week, you can master each of these lessons in a week.  If you’re having a problem meeting that goal, we need to talk.  Please visit Doug Marks in our Guitar Lessons Forum.

Stage 2 begins at Week 12 and continues through Week 24.  This is the heart and soul of the Metal Method.  For motivation, we’ll continue with the last five tips for mastering rock guitar.

The program begins with an acoustic style rock n’ roll progression.  We then take the same progression and show several variations.  In the next lesson Doug explains how to mute strings that shouldn’t sound using fingers of the picking hand.  Ever stood in front of a cranked amplifier and experienced uncontrolled feedback?  This will help get your sound under control.

As we move through course many new techniques will be demonstrated and explained.  The early version of the Metal Method called this section Metal Tricks for a very good reason.  This is a group of simple tricks that will sound interesting and appear impressive.  Stuff covered includes vibrato, natural harmonics (chimes), pick harmonics, Van Halen style two hand tapping, bend-tap-release, and a fantastic chromatic exercise.

Stage Two includes Weeks 12 through 24.  You will learn:

  • Vibrato
  • Natural and artificial harmonics
  • Tremolo picking
  • Two-hand tapping
  • Whammy (vibrato) bar technique
  • Bend/tap combinations
  • Chromatic dexterity exercise
  • Chord progressions, riffs and solos

Throughout this section of the course there are many chord progressions that feature bass and drum backing tracks.  This stuff is really fun to play.  You’ll lose track of time.  That’s always a good thing because it leaves you wanting more the next time you pick up your guitar.  This is what motivates great players to excel.  They look forward to every moment spent playing guitar.  That’s so much better than checking the clock to see when your hour is up.

“I’m going into week 17, which puts me at the end of level 6. This course was exactly what I was looking for when I contacted Doug for the first time 3 months ago. I can’t explain how awesome this course is, and Doug is a top notch teacher. I’m studying this course weekly to keep the excitement level at a max. If you want to learn what is needed to play guitar purchase this course, you won’t be sorry.” – Mark D ** Read More Reviews **

There’s a section of the course that I call “Lick-O-Matic” that teaches you to listen to a short phrase and play it back by ear.  This is great stuff.

As the program continues we begin the Pentatonic Zone series.  This is an in-depth study of the five patterns that you learned during the first few weeks of the course.  These patterns were treated as finger exercises.  Now they become the foundation for improvising lead guitar.  We’ll go through a very cool lead step by step as we work through Week’s 18 to 25.

Near the end of Stage 2 we begin working on a song called Back in Time that features a five-note lead concept based on BB King’s blues box.  This isn’t a blues lead per se but it is based on the blues box concept.  I show you how to stay within a five-note pattern and still sound interesting by using rhythmic diversity.

All lessons have easy-to-follow on-screen tab with clear demonstrations. This package includes 13 weekly lessons, printable tab, and play-along backing tracks.  Order right now and receive 13 downloads, or 4 DVDS, or on demand streaming from our companion site The package also includes optional Guitar Pro 6 tab allowing you to play along with lesson exercises at any tempo. Guitar Pro software is sold separately.  You can get started right now.  Your future is calling.  Are you listening?  You can get started right now.

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A small fraction of what is taught in the course is explained on this demonstration video and in the description on this page please see our chapter list for the massive amount of information included.