Intermediate Rock Guitar – Stage Two

Intermediate Rock Guitar is the second of four Stages included in The Complete Rock Guitar Course.  The program includes 2 DVDs or 2 Digital Downloads; on-screen, animated, play along guitar tab; bass and drum backing tracks (MP3); and printable guitar tablature. Course begins at week ten, ends at week 19. Program length 2:29.

If you practice properly for an hour a day, five days a week, you can master each of these ten lessons in less than three months.  If you’re having a problem meeting that goal, we need to talk.  Please visit Doug Marks in our Guitar Lessons Forum.

As we move through the course fundamental techniques will be demonstrated and explained.  This includes a group of simple tricks that will sound interesting and appear impressive.  Stuff covered includes vibrato, natural harmonics (chimes), pick harmonics, string muting, Van Halen style two hand tapping, bend-tap-release, and a fantastic chromatic exercise. It is recommended to purchase GuitarPro to play along with animated tab for each lesson at any tempo.

Course Highlights

  • Learn to play complete songs and build song list
  • Pull-off and hammer-pull technique
  • Mute ringing strings
  • Introduction to barre chords
  • Easy guitar tricks
  • In tune string bending
  • Rock N’ Roll progressions
  • Palm muting
  • Guitar Pro animated tab files
  • Suspended chords
  • Learn to play by ear
  • Tremolo picking
  • Two-hand tapping
  • Speed picking techniques


Throughout this section of the course there are many chord progressions that feature bass and drum backing tracks.  This stuff is really fun to play.  You’ll lose track of time.  That’s always a good thing because it leaves you wanting more the next time you pick up your guitar.  This is what motivates great players to excel.  They look forward to every moment spent playing guitar.  That’s so much better than checking the clock to see when your hour is up.

“I’m going into week 17. This course was exactly what I was looking for when I contacted Doug for the first time 3 months ago. I can’t explain how awesome this course is, and Doug is a top notch teacher. I’m studying this course weekly to keep the excitement level at a max. If you want to learn what is needed to play guitar purchase this course, you won’t be sorry.” – Mark D ** Read More Reviews **

Lesson Descriptions:

The Complete Rock Guitar Course – All 4 Stages

Rock Guitar for Beginners – Stage One

Intermediate Rock Guitar – Stage Two

The Pentatonic Zone – Stage Three

Speed and Accuracy – Stage Four

Table of Contents

This program includes a very detailed table of contents that includes the exact location (00:00) for each of the following topics.  There’s a ton of information here.

  • Tip – Learn to play complete songs and build a song list.
  • Pull-off technique
  • Hammer-pull
  • How to mute surrounding strings for a professional sound
  • Pull-off in tune – don’t bend strings
  • Exercise 5 from Speed and Accuracy
  • An in-depth examination of the 5-string bar
  • The 5-string bar chords
  • Easy guitar tricks
  • Pick rake
  • Angle the pick to scrape against the windings
  • Volume swell
  • Whale mating call (be careful with this one)
  • Tip – Step-by-step guitar instruction
  • String bending technique
  • How to identify the key of the song
  • Introduction to the riff “Aces High”
  • Commentary on internet era guitar playing
  • Tip – why it’s important to master scales
  • This lesson is about rock n’ roll
  • Acoustic style rock n’ roll progression
  • Thumb used to mute bass strings
  • Strumming rock n’ roll style
  • Same progression using power chords
  • Power chords with palm muting
  • Using the pinky to play rock n’ roll
  • Muting with the pinky
  • Pick the fifth and fourth strings to add the seventh
  • Rock n’ roll riff with the added seventh
  • Pull-off and hammer using the barre
  • Licks using the barre
  • Tip – Learn to improvise lead guitar
  • Suspended chords for acoustic music
  • String muting technique demonstrated
  • Attitude
  • Song with backing track – Massive Destruction
  • Tip – Learn to Play by Ear
  • A minor chord progression
  • Chords of rock and popular music
  • C Major chord progression
  • A simple riff to practice hammer-pull
  • Tip – Record your playing on a regular basis
  • Metal Tricks
  • Vibrato
  • Natural harmonics
  • Pick harmonics
  • Tremolo picking
  • Two-hand tapping
  • Bend combined with two hand tapping
  • Vibrato tail piece “whammy bar” demonstration
  • Tremol-no a device to block vibrato tail piece
  • Chromatic exercise
  • Form a band or jam with friends
  • Barre chord practice
  • Song with backing track – Arrival
  • Demonstration of sliding technique
  • Bends and pull-offs
  • Pull-offs from the bar
  • Speed and Accuracy exercise
  • Tip – Surprise!
  • Lick-O-Matic
  • Lick-O-Matic and Guitar Pro software
  • The four-note lead
  • Moving the four notes to other patterns
  • The pentatonic zone series
  • A minor, first pentatonic pattern
  • Use a metronome to find your current max tempo
  • Pentatonic scale played  using 16th notes
  • Using guitar pro tab to assist your progress
  • Speed picking technique
  • Tracking your progress
  • Looping with guitar pro tab
  • Eighth note triplets
  • Looping exercise
  • Building a lead using patterns
  • Lead using the first pattern
  • Using guitar pro tab for improvising
  • About repetitive movement injuries
  • No shortcuts
  • Importance of Pentatonic patterns
  • 2nd Pentatonic pattern
  • Tempo of eighth note triplets
  • Triplet playing demonstration
  • Improvising lead guitar
  • Improvise with sequence
  • Pattern 1 sequence