“The Finish Line” Note for Note

Speed Lives 3

This program teaches “The Finish Line” by Michael Angelo Batio and is the third title in the “Speed Lives” series.  Michael takes you through the entire song step-by-step in  this impressive showcase piece.

This performance piece includes numerous neoclassical shred techniques including:

  • 3 string arpeggios
  • 5 string arpeggios
  • string skipping arpeggios
  • tapped arpeggios
  • whole tone scales
  • alternate picking

As Michael explains in the program, “basically every modern guitar technique that you can think of is in this song.”

If you’re an intermediate player, you’re not going to be able to play this at tempo for a while but that’s okay. Choose whatever exercises sound appealing to you. There’s no need to start at the beginning and work your way through step by step. You may never be able to play this piece from beginning to end but that’s not the point. Master this program one piece at a time and each section will make a huge impact on your playing style. Learn each exercise at a comfortable tempo. As time passes gradually increase speed until you’re able to play at MAB warp speed.

Lesson includes printable PDF tab booklet, animated on-screen tab and optional Guitar Pro files.