Vocal Power – Jim Gillette

Vocal Power by Jim Gillette is now available by download and DVD
Jim manages to make this stuff quite entertaining as you can see in this YouTube video.

Jim Gillette, the lead singer for Nitro, recorded these rock and metal voice lessons while he was working with Michael Angelo Batio. This was recorded as a companion project with Michael’s Speed Kills DVD. Since that time this has become a “must have” for all rock vocalists. The reason for this is, it’s important for guitarists to learn to sing. You may have noticed that most bands are looking for guitarists capable of lead and backing vocals.

Vocal Power includes classic vocal exercises for voice strengthening and increased range. By classic I mean these are the same exercises that have made opera singers so annoying for centuries. They have withstood the test of time for one reason – they work. If you want results, you’ll find them here. Now you can learn to sing just like you learned to play guitar but it does take the same dedication and practice. Jim Gillette teaches step-by-step the exercises he’s used to develop one of the most powerful voices in rock. These are classic voice strengthening exercises. You’ll quickly increase the range, power and quality of your voice. Vocal Power is a 60-minute program available on DVD and digital download. Both include a 30 minute practice guide. Only order the revised Vocal Power Practice Guide to replace the original.

Until now We’ve included a CD featuring Jim’s Vocal Practice Guide. Now these files are on-disk in MP3 format (DVD version) to easily load onto your music player. If you order the digital download version the same MP3 files are included with the download.