Complete Rock Guitar Course – All Four Modules

Complete Rock Guitar Course: Three major revisions (1992, 2007, and 2017), since 1982, reflect student input and changing technology. For example, the first course was taught on audio cassettes – remember those? Now the program utilizes digital download and DVDs. Success is guaranteed through our step-by-step set of instructions. The course is fun, entertaining, challenging, and rewarding.

80% of mastering guitar comes from just 20% of the information.  We stress the 20%. Read More

The Four Individual Modules from the Complete Rock Guitar Course:

Rock Guitar for Beginners – Stage One: Includes the first nine weeks of the course. Explains guitar tuning – how to read tablature – basic playing techniques – the pentatonic scale in five positions, diatonic scale patterns – power chords, open position chords, bar chords, chord progressions – riffs, licks, practice tips, and more!  Read More

Intermediate Rock Guitar – Stage Two: Includes weeks ten through nineteen. Explains vibrato – natural and artificial harmonics – tremolo picking – two-hand tapping – whammy (vibrato) bar technique – bending strings, bend/tap combinations – chromatic dexterity exercise – chord progressions, riffs and solos. Read More

The Pentatonic Zone – Stage Three: Includes weeks twenty through thirty-one. Explains five positions of the natural minor scale – chords of the major and minor scale – introduction to speed and accuracy program – Dorian mode, Phrygian mode, Mixolydian mode – tips for playing fast – rhythm part and complete solo. Read More

Speed and Accuracy for Lead Guitar – Stage Four: Includes weeks thirty-two to forty-eight.  75 of Doug’s favorite licks from the original “Metal Licks” lesson – rhythm guitar parts for the Hawk song “Tell the Truth” – includes one of the most challenging licks of the course – rhythm guitar parts and melodic solo for the song “Beyond the Gate” – and the “Step-by-Step” solo that will serve as your “Master’s Thesis”. Learn this and you’re ready for anything rock guitar will throw at you. Read More

Comments from Metal Method Students on Facebook

Doug Marks receives rave reviews on Metal Method’s Facebook Page because his lessons have worked for students since the 80’s.  Experience matters.  Doug has helped students realize their guitar playing dreams and is dedicated to helping you achieve your goals too.  Check it out – Facebook Reviews

All Previous Major Revisions of the Course are Still Available

Complete Course 1983: The original course was created in 1982 and revised the following year. This is the audio course that got many of today’s rock stars started. Originally recorded on audio cassette, now available on audio CD. It was created when bands like Van Halen, Ozzy, and Motley Crue ruled the earth. The excitement of that time is here for those of you that want to look back and remember. It includes The Metal Message Newsletter, original 8 booklets on PDF for printing, early Metal Method ads, and more. Read More

Complete Course 1988: This was the first video version of the course. It’s not actually a revision, it’s the 1982 version of the course recorded on VHS video. Although the quality of the video “looks like 1988” there are many exercises and other materials not included in today’s version of the course. May be excellent to augment today’s version of the course but shouldn’t be a first choice. Read More

Complete Course 1992: This was the first major revision of the 1982 course recorded a decade after the original. This includes some of the original material and exercise but plenty of new stuff too. We felt this was so good, in fact, that it wasn’t necessary to revise the course again for fifteen years. Many people studying today’s course would benefit from using this for additional material and motivation. Read More

Complete Course 2007: This is the first version of The Complete Basic Course recorded for DVD. Both ’88 and ’92 are on DVD but were created before we used the technology. It’s divided into six Stages and is available on six DVDs or six downloads. Each level includes a guitar tab booklet. Read More

Speed and Accuracy For Lead Guitar

Speed and Accuracy: This 30-day program for precision covers drills and exercises for developing alternate picking speed and coordination. Doug Marks created this program to improve his own technique and found it so effective that he made it available to our students. Read More

Classic Guitar Licks

Classic Guitar Licks: The building blocks of lead guitar. This includes everything needed to create amazing sounding leads. Use it to construct your own original lead compositions or improvise “on the fly” using these techniques. Read More

Doug Marks

Instructor Doug Marks

In 1981, Doug Marks was a private guitar instructor living in Denver, Colorado. He had a small, dedicated group of students. They pointed out ads for guitar lessons in the back of rock magazines and said, “Your method of teaching is great. You should advertise in Hit Parader.”

Doug tested some ideas on his students beginning with a program called “Metal Licks”. Next move, he “sacrificed” two cherished Stratocasters, a 1962 model and a 1965 model to buy magazine ads.
A year later, in 1982, Marks was living in a three-story home in Woodland Hills, California, driving a new XJS Jaguar, endorsed by Jackson guitars, and had full-page ads in the most prominent rock magazines of the era. It seemed that this whole Metal Method thing just might work out.

The success of his guitar lessons can be attributed to the original slogan: “I teach what you want to learn”. That, along with student feedback, created, then shaped the program.

Doug Marks’ Metal Method has taught countless guitarists over the past three decades the fundamentals of hard rock and heavy metal. Many of his students have become successful in all facets of the music business from positions of power to rock stardom. Now it’s your turn to take advantage of this opportunity.