Upon purchase you will immediately be sent an e-mail with your download links.  Please check your spam filter if you do not see it!

Please read these instructions before purchasing or downloading files:

  1. Some people have reported the zip file as being empty. Thousands of people have successfully downloaded these file, they’re definitely not empty. Most people experiencing this problem are using an Apple operating system.  If so, use this app to uncompress the zip file: https://theunarchiver.com/ or WinZip. A customer recently found a solution when he experienced this problem, he briefly turned off virus protection and the file downloaded intact.  The virus protection this particular student is using is Norton 360.  Other virus protection or firewalls may cause this problem too.
  2. iPhone and tablet users, please download to a desktop computer. After the initial download you can transfer the file to Dropbox, iCloud, or other cloud storage to view the video on all devices (instructions below).  Video files are huge, some are nearly 2 Gigabytes.  If you do download directly to your phone or tablet you will need to upload to the cloud and delete the file on your device before proceeding.
  3. If you receive a message that your download link has expired or is about to expire on a designated date, no problem.  We have a record of your order and will regenerate the original link for you.  Send a message to customer service.
  4. Be sure that your power settings (Windows) are set for the computer to stay on.  Your computer must not go into standby or sleep mode during the download.
  5. Unless you have download speeds in excess of 24 mps, download only 1 file at a time. Wait until the download has completed before initiating the next download unless.
  6. Please test download speed here: Google’s Internet Speed Test – If this test displays the message that you have a slow Internet connection consider purchasing DVDs.  If you’re patient, you can download at very slow speeds.
  7. If downloads fail you may need to turn off real time virus scanning.  Each time the anti-virus software accesses the download it can count as a download attempt. If your link expires as a result of too many download attempts, please contact customer support and we will renew your link.
  8. When you attempt to extract files from the zip folder you may receive a message that the file is corrupted.  If so, you probably tried to open the file before the download has completed. Before opening the file please check the file size. Refresh the browser and see if the file size changes. If so, it’s still downloading. Even with a high speed internet connection these files can take from fifteen minutes to an hour to download completely.
  9. Sometimes you need to be patient and wait a few hours for Amazon’s servers to be less busy.  About 80% of our students are able to download a video on the first try.  We use Amazon’s world class S3 system for downloads.
  10. The file that you’ve downloaded is compressed. It will not play properly until it is extracted from the zip file. In Windows, right-click on the file and choose to extract all. Although you can see the files in the compressed folder the video won’t play until the file has been extracted.
    Mac users might need to use the “Terminal” app:

    a) Open Terminal. You can use the Mac search at the top right and start typing Terminal. Once it appears, click on it to open the program.
    b) Type “unzip” and a space, then drag/drop the zip file into the Terminal window.
    c) Press Enter and the zip file will be unzipped.
    d) For more information please refer to this excellent article.
  11. Mac users can also use the utility Stuffit Expander to uncompress zip files.
  12. If the zip file appears to be empty, the download process has not completed  Keep refreshing the page and you should see that the file size continues to grow until it has completed the download process. This may take from fifteen minutes to more than an hour.
  13. If you’re unable to view the video file or it seems to be corrupted please download the VLC player (below).  Some files do not play properly using QuickTime or other viewers.  It will not play properly if it is still in the zip file.
  14. The most common video viewing problem that we experience is, students attempt viewing the video in the zip file before it has been uncompressed.  All other files can be viewed in the zip file so it appears as if there is a problem with the .mp4 video.  It just needs to be uncompressed.
  15. If you’re experiencing download problems don’t use a download accelerator because it breaks the file into several parts. Each part can count as a single download which will lead to the link expiring quickly.
  16. Need help downloading to an iPad or iPhone? Please refer to this helpful tutorial video – Download to iPad – One thing to keep in mind after viewing this video: The solution recommended will only work if you’ve purchased storage space in iCloud and uploaded to iCloud.  The files must be stored in iCloud before sharing because you don’t want to store the actual video on any device aside from your desktop computer.  That way, no space is used on your smartphone or tablet.  An example, if you download the Complete Guitar Course to your phone it will take up 40 Gb  of space on your phone.  Do you really want that?  Is it even possible?  Only you can answer those questions.  Files stored in the cloud are no problem viewing on all devices and use no storage space on the device.  Dropbox storage works great too.
  17. Once your files have downloaded correctly please backup to an external hard drive or cloud storage immediately. Our replacement policy is guaranteed for one year.  If you fail to backup within one year please read our guarantee.

– To accurately play these videos we recommend that you use the free, open source player VLC.  We find it to be better than Windows Media Player and Quicktime for accurately playing these files. VLC allows you to slow the video down to make learning easy.  You can loop exercises to play endlessly, record and slow down YouTube videos, and much more.  Here are some additional instructions for VLC: INSTRUCTIONS

Free VLC media player for Windows:

Free VLC media player for Mac: