Easy Guitar Modes – Lesson Eight


A fresh and exciting approach to learning the modes in all positions and keys with minimal time and effort!

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In this lesson we learn the Lydian pattern in our nine-note block system. Then we connect it to other patterns to move around the fretboard. This lesson will help you to recognize the sound of Lydian and know how to apply it in two ways- as a central tonality (refer to first solo in preview video) and as contrast to the Aeolian mode (second two solos in preview video). In addition you will learn the “Mode Spectrum”- the array of modes with respect to their bright and dark qualities.

This lesson package includes:

  • video with on-screen animated tab and animated fretboard diagrams
  • printable tab PDF
  • Guitar Pro file
  • three backing tracks for you to practice the solos in the lesson and try your own ideas

Guitar Pro 6 software sold separately.  Click Here for More Information and a student discount.

All lessons in the course are listed here.


Approx. runtime 32 minutes




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