Ordering Questions

What forms of payment do you accept?

You may use your PayPal account. Additionally, Visa and Mastercard are accepted and processed by PayPal.

How do I order online?

To place a credit card or PayPal order, simply read the product description and click-on the “add to cart”. You can continue adding items to your cart or delete them. The cart will remember the items that you’ve added even if you choose to not complete the transaction today.

When you’re finished shopping, proceed to the checkout.

How do I order by telephone?

We highly recommend placing the order online if you have Internet access because it’s secure and there’s less chance of an error since you’re entering the information directly.  When you call us, we simply go online and place the order for you.  Our number is 805-581-7190.

How do I order by mail?

On a sheet of paper list the items you are ordering. Include the total price of the lessons plus shipping and handling. California residents must include 7.5% percent sales tax. If you’re in doubt about the total charges place your order online and all charges will automatically be calculated. When it’s time to enter your credit card information just print the page and send a check or money-order to: Metal Method, PO Box 940046, Simi Valley, CA 93094

Please make all payments to: Metal Method

Problem with shopping cart?

For the cart to work you must enable your web browser to accept cookies.

  • Open your browser (assuming that you’re using Internet Explorer)
  • Select Tools
  • Internet Options
  • Click on the Privacy tab
  • Select Advanced
  • Check to see if your browser is configured to accept cookies

Why was my credit card declined?

Two things can cause this. First, there may not be enough funds available to cover your purchase. The second cause is, your street address and zip code or postal code must match the billing address of your credit card statement EXACTLY. The program looks at the first five characters of your street address – they must match the billing address that is on file at your credit card company.

Shipping Questions

How much is shipping and handling?

The following prices are per order.

Within the United States and its territories:
Orders of $24.99 and less – $4.95
Orders of $25 and more – $8.95

This price includes address verification and tracking.  Expected delivery time is 3 to 5 business days.

Other Countries:
– $9.95 – International First-Class Mail to Mexico and Canada – Should arrive within one week.

International First-Class Mail to all other countries – Can take up to 30 days.
– $9.95 – Orders of $24.99 and less
– $14.95 – Orders of $25.00 and more

When will my package arrive?

If you live in the United States, expect your order within three to twelve business days of when it was shipped (this does not include weekends).  DVDs and CDs are shipped within 1-7 days. If you suspect that your package is lost or delayed please notify us.

If you live in Canada it should only take four to seven days from the time of shipping but may take up to two weeks. All orders shipped to Canada are shipped First-Class Mail International. If your package has been delayed please check with your local delivery person, post office or customs.

If you live in another country most packages are shipped First-Class International and should arrive within 2 weeks. In some cases orders are delayed as long as 30 days.

If you order takes longer than 2 weeks you should talk to your local post office. Chances are, your package is awaiting pickup in customs.

If you order is delayed more than 30 days please send an e-mail message to us explaining the problem. We’re unable to trace orders until 30 days after shipment.

My package should have arrived by now

Read the previous information about “When will my package arrive?” If it has taken longer than specified, please send an e-mail message to us explaining the problem.

Almost all delayed shipments are problems concerning the postal system. It’s not your fault that the package was delayed and usually it’s not our fault either. Please be patient, we’ll work it out. You will receive your package. We assume full responsibility for the delivery of all lessons. However, we’re at the mercy of the postal system. The Post Office won’t even allow us to file an insurance claim until one month after the package was mailed.

Special Concerns for Customers Outside the United States

How much is shipping and handling to my country?

The following prices are per order.

– $9.95 – International First-Class Mail to Mexico and Canada – Should arrive within one week.

International First-Class Mail to all other countries – Can take up to 30 days.
– $9.95 – Orders of $24.99 and less
– $14.95 – Orders of $25.00 and more

Can I buy Metal Method Products in my country or must I order them directly from you?

We have very few distributors around the world. You must purchase directly from us.

Are your lessons compatible with my country’s video standard?

Our DVDs are region free, also called region zero. They’re compatible with all DVD video standards around the world. Even though our video standard is NTSC the DVDs are compatible with almost all players that have been manufactured in the past few years because all recent players are both PAL and NTSC compatible.

From which countries do you accept credit card payment?

You may use PayPal to order from anywhere in the world. Additionally, Visa and Mastercard are accepted and processed by PayPal.

Will there be additional taxes or duty charges?

When customers from other countries receive their packages they are often surprised by additional fees that must be paid to pick up their package. These fees are taxes that your government charge you for importing goods. These fees vary from country to country and we have no idea of either the amount or even if you will be charged additional fees.

Customers are often upset about these fees and complain that they don’t have to pay these additional charges when they order from Amazon.com, for example. Amazon has warehouses located in your country so your purchase from Amazon isn’t actually an import. We’re a little smaller (by a few billion dollars) than Amazon.com so we don’t have a warehouse in your country.

To find out if there are additional fees and exactly what charges to expect please talk to your local post office.

How much will I be paying for the lessons in my country’s currency?

You can find out the currency exchange rate at the following URL: http://www.xe.net/ucc/

How can I purchase lessons without a credit card?

To order online please use PayPal. To order by mail please, send us an e-mail message to find out the exact cost of the order. Then, you may send us a check or money order written in U.S. funds drawn on a U.S. bank.

I attempted to place a credit card order online but it wasn’t approved.

You probably need to use our PayPal option. Call the number on the back of your credit card to see if there’s a problem on your end. The most typical problem is the billing address is incorrect.

About the Lessons

Do the lessons really work?

If the lessons didn’t work we would’ve been out of business years ago. The best place to learn about the effectiveness of our lessons is on the Metal Method Forum. You can post your question there and many students will respond.

Will the digital downloads work on an iPad??

Yes, the digital downloads will work on the iPad. Please refer to this helpful tutorial- https://youtu.be/WB6MQ_Yl8EQ

Can I use an acoustic guitar?

An acoustic guitar works fine to get you started but the course is more fun with an electric. Although most of the course can be learned on an acoustic guitar some sounds can only be produced by an electric guitar.

I’m left handed. Will I be able to learn from the course?

You shouldn’t have any problem following the material. When you’re watching the playing examples it will be as if you’re looking in a mirror.

At which course level should I begin?

Many players are not sure of their own playing level; it’s common for people who consider themselves to be intermediate or even advanced players to have missed at least some of the important basics.  It’s possible to play a lot of things on the guitar without understanding what we are doing or why it works.  This can be fun but it makes it hard to progress!  The Complete Guitar Course was designed with this in mind; a complete beginner can start at the beginning of the program with no prior experience, while even more advanced players can pick up some things they missed and reinforce their foundations.

We also recommend our Melodic Principles Course for anybody who wants a fun and solid course in music theory and how it is applied to the guitar and playing rock, blues and metal.

Am I too old to learn?

No. Please check out our forum. This is a great subject to discuss with other students similar to yourself. You’ll also find that it’s a subject that has been covered many times. Check out previous conversations on the board.

Will the course work for beginners?

You don’t need any previous experience. The lessons start with the basics and will take you where you want to go. There’s no need for private instructions but you will find the course helpful if you are studying with an instructor.  We also have private Skype lessons available; please use our contact form to request more information.

Is this only for metal guitarists?

The Complete Guitar Course is perfect for all forms of rock guitar. The company was founded in the early 80’s. What was considered metal back then is classic rock today.

Is guitar tab and other materials included with the DVDS?

Yes, the tab is on-disk.  For complete instructions please see: https://metalmethod.com/guitar-tab-lesson-materials

Guitar Pro Files and Software

Many of our lessons include free Guitar Pro 6 files. You will need the Guitar Pro software to play them. For more info on Guitar Pro and a tutorial, please see this page.

Is tab available for Michael Angelo Batio’s “No Boundaries” (the introduction to Speed Kills) or “Prog” (the song Michael plays at the beginning of Speed Kills Revisited)?

The introduction to Speed Kills (“No Boundaries”) is taught in Speed Lives; tab is included with the lesson. Tab for the song Prog isn’t currently available.

Customer Service Issues - Problems - Packing Errors - Defective Products

How to Contact Us

You can find all contact information here: Contact Us

When you contact us through a voice or e-mail message please tell us enough information to help us resolve the problem. Give us the first and last name of the person that placed the order. Leave us the order number if possible. Be sure to include an e-mail address if you have one and a phone number. Clearly state what you need from us. That way, if we reach an answering machine we can probably help you find a solution to the problem without playing “phone tag.”

Within the United States you can use our toll-free number: (805) 581-7190. Outside the U.S. please send and e-mail message that includes your phone number and the best time to contact you. We normally return calls within 24 hours Monday through Friday. We’re a small company and occasionally get “caught up” working on other projects. Even so, we should return your call within 48 hours. If you’re in a hurry please send an e-mail message.

The Zip file seems to be corrupted.

If you’re unable to uncompress the zip file there are a few possible problems and solutions.

  1. It’s possible that the file didn’t download completely before you tried to access it.  Make a note of the file size then download another copy.  If the file size match, you have downloaded the complete file.
  2. Mac users try this: 1) use the Mac search at the top right, enter the word Terminal. The Terminal will appear, click on it to open the program. 2) Type “unzip” and a space, then drag/drop the zip file into the Terminal window. 3) Press Enter and the zip file will be unzipped, storing all files on your computer.
  3. Some Mac users prefer a free app called iZip.
  4. Some PC users also experience problems uncompressing zip files.  If so, download the free version of Express Zip.

Digital download problem – want to receive DVDs instead.

We will change your download order to DVDs for the cost of postage plus $5 for a single DVD or $10 for multiple DVDs.  Shipping is typically less than $4 for U.S. customers.  Orders to be shipped outside of the U.S. can be very expensive.  For example, the Speed Kills package to Europe requires an additional $23.78, the same package within the U.S. requires an additional $13.67.  Large packages outside the U.S. range from an additional $30 to $40 depending on the country and weight.

You can open the zip files by following the instructions above.  The download files are HD, DVDs are not.  Downloads are higher quality and a better value in all cases.

If you wish to receive DVDs instead of downloads, fill out the contact form and we’ll send an invoice for additional charges.

I lost my files and need to have them replaced.

Please backup your digital downloads. Hard drives can and do fail.
If you experience a hard drive crash and we can find your order, we will reactivate your download. Our sales records currently only go back one year. Orders over a year old will need to be placed again using a custom coupon. There is a $10.00 fee for this process. Please use the “Contact Us” form to place your request.

Lost or missing tablature?

There is a message at the beginning of most of our DVDs that explains the tablature can be found on the DVD. Choose to explore the disk instead of to play the disk and click-on the file labeled tab.htm. It will explain how to print a copy of the tab. More Info

If you have proof that you purchased a program directly from Metal Method and the tablature is not on the disk, we’ll send you the tab by email at no charge. We no longer send printed tab by mail. All tab is in PDF format, sent to your email address and is to be printed by the student.

I’m unable to access the DVD on-disk files.

If you’ve experienced a technical problem with any of the on-disk files, chances are, you’re using Microsoft’s Internet Explorer. So many hackers target Internet Explorer that certain security updates have been designed to disable Web page interactive functions. To solve this problem, download the free browser “Firefox” at firefox.com. It’s more secure than Internet Explorer and doesn’t disable Web page interactive functions.

I’m unable to place an order online because your online store is having a problem with my credit card.

This is probably our most frustrating customer service problem. This happens at least once a week. In every case there is a problem with the customer’s card or the manner in which they’re placing the order. The problems range from incorrect expiration date to a misspelling in the credit card billing address or insufficient funds with an ATM card. There also is a chance that our processing bank is unable to process cards through the bank that issued your credit card – not all Visas and Master Cards are alike.

If you have encountered this problem please understand one thing – this has nothing to do with Metal Method. The transaction is taking place between your credit card company and our processing bank. Our bank has certain criteria that must be met to process a transaction. They don’t share this information with us. If your credit card company is unable to complete the transaction there is absolutely nothing we’re able to do about it. We recommend to place your order using PayPal or Google Checkout.

If you’re unable to place the order online our operators won’t have any more luck placing the order than you have had. The reason for this is, they also place the order online.

Try placing the order again later. If you continue to receive the error message please contact your credit card company. Their phone number is on the back of the credit card. They should be able to solve this problem quickly. If they find that there’s not a problem with your card they may inform you that the transaction took place. This isn’t true, it indicates that our bank had a problem completing the transaction. Please review Ordering Faqs above for more information concerning this problem.

Please remember, the bottom line on this one is, we have absolutely nothing to do with this process so please don’t be irritated with our lack of assistance in this matter. We really do want your transaction to process correctly for obvious reasons. Your credit card company should be able to help you with this one.

I’m having a problem playing a lesson DVD and believe it to be defective.

If the screen is blank try pressing the menu button on your remote.

Usually, the DVD isn’t defective. You’re probably experiencing a compatibility issue. Even though your player will play movies without a problem it may not recognize some features from our interactive DVDs.

Some DVD player manufacturers have chosen to only adhere to part of the current DVD specification list. This is adequate to view a movie from beginning to end but not adequate to play, repeat and interact with an extensive menu system. Just because your player can play a movie from beginning to end is quite different than being able to access as many as 200 chapters from one of our DVDs.

Even if your DVD fails on more than one player it still can be a compatibility issue. Is it failing in the same manner? Is it failing exactly in the same place? If not, this is probably a compatibility issue, not a defective DVD. Some people test the DVDs on several incompatible devices such as Play Station, X Box, and Computers with outdated software players.

For our overseas customers – Our DVDs are region free (also called region 0) and recorded using the NTSC standard. Although they’re authored in NTSC, they’re also compatible with PAL (European) players that have been manufactured in the last three years. If your player doesn’t recognize the region, you’re experiencing a compatibility issue.

We’ve shipped several thousand DVDs and so far there have been very few defective DVDs returned. We’ve had several DVDs returned that didn’t play properly on a customer’s player, all but a few were free of defects when we tested them.

There have been a few problems reported such as audio out of sync, digital noise, or won’t play near the end of the DVD. These problems are rare but do occur. So far, all of these errors have been compatibility issues not a defective DVD. See if this type of error occurs on another player at the exact same place.

If you experience a problem with more than one of our DVDs chances are almost 100% that you’re dealing with a compatibility issue. If most of the DVDs play but you’re having a problem with only one it still may be a compatibility issue. The reason for this is, the programs were created using different authoring methods.

First, try the DVD on another home player that is a different make or model. You can even take the DVD into a store that sells players. Please try the DVD on another player before asking for a replacement. Even if you are experiencing a compatibility issue we’ll refund your money.

If the problem occurs when playing the DVD on a computer DVD ROM drive you may need to upgrade your player software or download a different player. We recommend to download and install the free, open source player VLC. I find it to be better than Windows Media Player and Quicktime for accurately playing these files. VLC allows you to slow the video down to make learning easy. You can loop exercises to play endlessly. Record and slow down YouTube videos, and much more. Here are some additional instructions for VLC: INSTRUCTIONS

Free VLC media player for Windows:

Free VLC media player for Mac:

Sony Play Stations and X Boxes are often incompatible with our DVDs. DVD players manufactured before 2000 may be incompatible too.

If we’re unable to resolve the problem to your satisfaction please return the DVD to us. Include a description of the error and the exact location on the DVD where it occurred. Even if it’s not defective, we’ll gladly refund your money or exchange the DVD for another product of your choice.

I just received my order and there’s a problem.

Please contact customer service to explain the exact nature of the problem and we’ll correct it immediately. If it was a packing error or some other mistake that is obviously our fault we’ll correct it free of charge. If you ordered the wrong lesson just return the package and we’ll exchange it for you at no cost.

What if I’m unhappy with a lesson?

We offer a 100% money back guarantee on all DVDs. Sorry, we don’t accept returns on software downloads because you can’t return a download. Read all about it here: Our Guarantee

My credit card appears to have been charged many times.

When you attempt to place an order and it fails, temporary charges are applied to your card. They will disappear in a few days; the number of days depends on your bank’s policy.

Online credit card processing is a two-step operation. First, your credit card company is notified to make funds available for the transaction. These funds are “on hold” until the transaction is completed. If there is a problem with the transaction the funds are still available and appear to be a charge to your credit card. Each time you attempt a transaction the charge appears to have been made to your credit card.

Secondly, your order is processed and these “on hold” funds are transferred to our account. The funds are only transferred when an error free order takes place.

If this error free order doesn’t take place, the “on hold” funds will revert to your account within two or three days. You’ll never see this transaction on the monthly billing statement. Your credit card company can explain all of this to you.

Your customer service department hasn’t responded to my phone message.

We respond to messages from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday Pacific Standard Time.

Are we able to leave a voice message if you’re unavailable? If not, chances are that we’ve tried to get in touch with you.

Did you clearly pronounce your first and last name and include a phone number? Sometimes we can’t understand a customer’s name, or they forget to leave their phone number, or they say the phone number so fast that we can’t understand what they’re saying.

For fastest response send a message through our contact form because we often respond to these messages several times a day.

It’s also possible that we left a message with someone that didn’t relay the message to you.

When you leave a message please tell us what the call is concerning. We’re often able to answer the question on your voice mail system.

No one is responding to my e-mail messages or contact form submission.

We normally respond to every e-mail message we receive within 48 hours, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. If we haven’t responded to your message within that period one of two things probably happened:

  1. We didn’t receive your message. The Internet isn’t perfect; just because you sent an e-mail message doesn’t mean we received it.
  2. We received your message but you didn’t receive our response. You probably have a SPAM filter in place to filter unwanted messages. Your SPAM filter deleted our message before you received it.
Unable to Find the Answer Here

Other Questions

If your question is of general interest (other guitarists might be interested in this topic) please sign on to the Metal Method Forum and select the “Search” function. Thousands of questions have been answered and discussed in depth here.

Join our Metal Method Forum. It doesn’t cost anything. There’s probably no better place to discuss your questions than right there. For example, you wonder if a particular lesson is right for you. What better way to receive an answer than from someone else that is currently studying that lesson?

If your question is not of general interest, for example, a problem with your order, send us your question via our contact form. If this particular problem is very specific to your situation we’ll do our best to help you. If your question is of general interest you’ll be directed to post it on the Message Exchange. Questions of general interest are answered there to help other students in the same situation and to open the topic up for discussion between teachers and students.