Dee Minor Arpeggios


“Dee Minor Arpeggios” by Dee J Nelson

Download Free Tab PDF and Guitar Pro File Here

Based on the techniques presented in Lead Guitar DNA, this chop builder reviews the D Minor 2-String arpeggio in root position and 2nd inversion. While the 1st inversion shape is great in many situations, the connection of the root position and 2nd inversion shape just seems to naturally fall under the fingers. Commit this exercise to memory and then, when you are ready, play this along with the drum beat in the included Guitar Pro 6 file. Don’t hesitate to slow down the tempo and gradually work you way up in speed.

Remember, aside from the benefits of the chop building aspect of this exercise, these basic shapes provide you a road map to chord tone soloing over a D minor triad. Think of the notes in these 2-string shapes as consonant or “good” notes to use over the D Minor or D5 power chord. Notes outside of these shapes will create dissonance. How delicious!

For further explanation of this theory please check out Lead Guitar DNA.