Free Metal Riffs

Free Metal Riffs

Free Metal Riffs Lesson by Sarah Spisak!

Get started on “100 Metal Riffs” for free right now with this lesson.  Each one of these riffs contains several important elements which you can incorporate into your own music!  These will spark your creativity and give you insight into how great riffs are crafted from seemingly simple materials.

Package includes video with on-screen animated tab, PDF and Guitar Pro file.  We will send your link right to your e-mail!  Metal Method has been a trusted resource since 1982.  We will never spam you or sell your address!

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We hear this a lot…

Lots of people ask why they should buy guitar lessons when they can get them for free, and that’s a good question!  It’s true that there is plenty of free stuff available, including this sample from “100 Metal Riffs”.  It’s also true that anybody with a guitar and a camera can now post lessons…  But don’t you want to learn from the experts?  Metal Method has been a trusted resource since 1982.  Many of our students have become successful in all facets of the music business from positions of power to rock stardom.  Sarah Spisak started the course when she was 16 years old and is now a Metal Method instructor with a full catalog of lessons teaching the secrets of riffing and soloing.

Playing guitar and copying music from recordings comes easy to some people.  We had to work hard to figure this stuff out, and now we know how to teach it!  Sarah spent hundreds of hours transcribing music and analyzing it.  You might be surprised by how many tabs have mistakes or are completely different from what the original artist played.  We often see people playing a power chord when there was actually a different interval in that part of the riff.  It’s easy to miss a lot of subtle details when trying to learn by ear, and these are the fine points that make a big difference in the sound!  Check out Sarah’s article on transcribing for great suggestions on improving this skill.

Metal Method Instructor Sarah Spisak

Sarah’s love for metal guitar is evident in her ground-breaking and innovative lessons. She makes music theory fun and accessible while you learn crunchy riffs and melodic solos.  Her fascination with guitar began as early as first grade, when she made a “guitar” from construction paper. Her next instruments were cigar boxes with rubber bands. She started playing a real instrument in the sixth grade. In high school Sarah bought the new Metal Method course (1983). Possibly because learning to play guitar wasn’t easy for her she developed a great empathy for the challenges that her students face which makes her an excellent teacher.

Sarah is a graduate of the original Metal Method course and (almost as importantly) has a Bachelor of Arts degree in music from Mills College. When she first went online she went straight to and worked as a volunteer. She now has her dream job with the company that she has loved since 1983.

The guitar featured in this lesson gets a lot of comments and questions…  It is a custom-built Spawn by Neal Moser.