Week 9 Complete Chapter List

The Table of Contents can be found in the YouTube description.  You can click on the location number to go directly to that chapter in the video. Week 9 YouTube video.

  • 00:09 Create your own program
  • 04:41 The hammer-on technique
  • 04:57 Hammer-on technique demonstrated
  • 05:29 How to make the hammer-on sound clearly
  • 06:32 Exercise 1 played very slowly.
  • 06:54 Exercise 1 with the animated tab.
  • 07:50 Exercise 2 is my favorite dexterity exercise – 02132432 08:31 Exercise 2 with animated on-screen tab
  • 09:57 Exercise 3 acoustic guitar technique
  • 10:19 Exercise 3 with animated on-screen tab
  • 10:39 All common open chords for rock guitar
  • 12:31 Exercise 4 – chord chart

The End of the Beginning

This is the ninth and last lesson of Stage One for Beginners .  This is actually the first intermediate lesson of the course.I love this one.  I recorded these lessons four years ago so viewing each of them is surprisingly fresh for me.  Tip Nine, creating your own program is really appropriate considering what’s going on in the world.  To maximize your accomplishments over the next weeks or months it’s absolutely essential to create a program and stick to it.  Create routines in your life to give everything order.  Otherwise, you end up wasting time all day and at the end of the day wonder where the time went.

This lesson covers the Hammer On technique.  Pay very close attention to this explanation.  90% of the guitarist I see don’t know how to perform this properly.  It’s not a flitting motion, it’s a real, solid hammer.  When you hear guitarists like Eddie Van Halen, listen to how solid and distinct his hammer-on and pull-off notes are.

Next is my absolute favorite finger exercise.  It’s been my favorite since Andy Ketterman taught it to me 50 years ago.

Next, a great chord chart.  Not a B.S. chart that includes a hundred chords you’ll never use.  This includes almost all the chords you’ll ever need.  Although I don’t include tab with these lessons I’m making an exception for the chord chart.  Exercise 4, when I demonstrate the chords is useless without this tab because there wasn’t room on the screen to include the chord names.  So download the chart here.

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