Free Weekly Lesson Each Sunday

Free Weekly Lesson Each Sunday

These are free lessons from The Complete Rock Guitar Course 

Sign up now to join us as we go through all 48 weekly lessons included in the Complete Guitar Course. We’re still studying the beginner section of the course. Even so, this is an excellent way for intermediate players to brush up on skills.  Eventually, the lessons will become challenging even for experienced players.

We’ll be uploading one new lesson a week for forty-eight weeks. Each lesson is more challenging than the previous. By the end of the course, if you really put in the practice time, you have the potential to be playing at an advanced level.

What’s the catch?

We’re making the course available for free because students experience the value of what we’re offering and actually purchase the course.  Why would they do that when it’s available for free?  Well, there’s only one week available at any given moment.  So, if you want to review the lessons, that’s not possible.  The paid version of the course offers play along tab files that can be set for any tempo (the same animated tab you see on-screen).  It also includes backing tracks in mp3 format and more.  We think after you understand the value of this course that you’ll have no problem supporting this project.

You will need to sign up for each weekly lesson to download the free tab.  You can do this by either selecting the tab link on the lesson page or clicking on the annoying popup.  This allows us to contact students each week when a new lesson is available.  Plus, additional videos are made available to those that register weekly.  Sign up for the program now!  You will also need to sign up for the weekly lesson to download this week’s tab.