Metal Method Video Guitar Lessons

Structured Hard Rock, Classic Rock and Metal Guitar Lessons

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Super-Saver Pack
MAB double axe

Michael Angelo Batio

Michael Angelo Batio is one of the originators and pioneers of the entire “Shred Guitar” genre. He showcased these guitar techniques on his early instructional programs that laid the groundwork for shred guitar. He was voted the “Number 1 Shredder of all Time” in Guitar One Magazine.

Doug Marks

Guitarist Doug Marks has arguably taught more people to play rock guitar than any other instructor on the planet. In 1982 Doug created the Metal Method instructional guitar program that has taught millions of people to play guitar.

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The Complete Basic Course Has Been Revised

That’s right, our step-by-step program has been completely revised. On-screen animated tab, professional backing tracks will make you sound like a pro. Perfect for all levels of playing experience. Not just lessons… this includes motivation to help you succeed.  24 weekly lessons available today by download or DVD.

Guitar Lesson DVDs and Guitar Lesson Downloads

Our guitar lesson downloads teach simple techniques to master classic rock, hard rock and metal. Even more important we offer motivation to make your dreams a reality.

There is often a trick to mastering techniques that you find impossible to perform. That’s what we teach. We use a straight forward step-by-step approach to explain how to master guitar. Most important… you’ll have fun in the process. Let’s get started!