How to Memorize Guitar Note Names

memorize note names

How to Memorize Guitar Note Names


This information is what you’ve been missing. Recognizing note names is the key to understanding theory, reading standard notation, and communicating with other guitarists. It’s so much easier to say, “I’m playing an A note.” instead of, “I’m playing the tenth fret on, let’s see where I’m at, oh yeah, the second string.”

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96% of all guitarists can’t instantly recognize guitar note names on the fretboard. Can you? This isn’t a figure that we just pulled out of thin air. We actually did an online survey to arrive at this number.

What’s Included in How to Memorize Guitar Note Names

  • 14 minute video that explains secrets to memorize and instantly identify notes. This is for all levels of experience.
  • Additional 10 minute beginner video, covers the basics.
  • 14 “key to memorization” exercises to print.
  • 5 beginner basic exercises to print

“… to any students considering purchasing the Metal Method series of lessons I have to highly encourage them to do it. In 25 years of playing, writing, recording and continuing to learn I’ve never come across any lessons, anywhere, at any time, that were the equal of the Metal Method.”

Casey B. from the Metal Method Forum 
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