Doug Marks

Doug Marks

Guitarist Doug Marks began his professional career playing in cover bands in the Southeastern part of the United States. In 1982 Doug created Metal Method instructional guitar lessons and advertised in all the major guitar magazines. He considers himself a “street player”. What he lacks in formal education has been replaced by experience. Most of what is taught in his Complete Basic Course is from “on the job” training. Read More

MAB double axe

Michael Angelo Batio

Michael Angelo Batio is from Chicago, Illinois. He started playing the piano at age 5 and guitar at the age of 10. His formal education includes a B.A. in Music Theory and Composition from Northeastern Illinois University. Batio has been signed to 2 major labels: Atlantic Records with the band “Holland” and Rhino/Warner Brothers Records with “Nitro.” He has been acknowledged in the Guitar World reader’s poll as the world’s fastest shredder. Michael has been a Metal Method instructor since 1991 beginning with the ground breaking Speed Kills. Read More

Metal Guitar Riffs Sarah Spisak

Sarah Spisak

Sarah Spisak is the music editor and an instructor for Metal Method guitar lessons. She is a graduate of the original Metal Method course and has a Bachelor of Arts degree in music from Mills College.  She started playing guitar in the sixth grade and in high school bought the new Metal Method course (1983). As a devoted student, she grew to become one of Metal Method’s top teachers with several outstanding instructional programs to her credit.  Read More

Sweep Picking - Dan Mumm

Dan Mumm

Neo-Classical guitarist, Dan Mumm, has been playing and studying music and composition since childhood. He has built a following around the world with his audio and video releases of original instrumental music as well as his Metal interpretations of Classical pieces by the masters. He has a strong presence on the web on sites such as YouTube where his views number in the millions. As an instructor, Dan taught private lessons for guitar, bass guitar, drums, piano and violin for over 12 years. He has authored four instructional guitar programs with Metal Method. His most popular being Sweep Pick Mechanics – a comprehensive guide to sweep picking technique.  Read More

Metal Rhythm Extreme

Will Flaherty

Will Flaherty started playing guitar at the age of 14. He learned how to play by  studying the 1992 Metal Method Basic Course and went on to study the entire Metal Method catalog. He took Doug’s advice on what it took to become a professional and started practicing all day, every day. A year later, he was playing and touring in two bands, teaching private guitar lessons and running a popular guitar website. His playing has since been featured on several albums, radio commercials and various YouTube videos.  Read More


Dee J Nelson

Chicago based guitarist Dee J Nelson is famous for contagious guitar hooks. These riffs can be heard on the 2014 Dope single “Selfish”. His collaboration with Edsel Dope can be heard on the album, “Blood Money”Dee j earned a BA in music composition from DePaul University and has been composing and producing for all facets of media for the past 10 years. This includes exclusive riffage for the WWE. Dee J created lessons for Guitar World and Guitar Player magazines. After a strong Metal Method debut of the Monster Power Chord book, Nelson created the “Lead Guitar DNA” and “Monster Power Chord” series of programs.  Read More

vocal power

Jim Gillette

Jim Gillette, was the lead singer for the band Nitro playing alongside of Michael Angelo Batio in the late 80’s and early 90’s. Jim recorded Vocal Power while he was working with Michael Angelo Batio on their Nitro project. Vocal Power was recorded as a companion project with Michael’s Speed Kills DVD in 1991. Although Jim is known for his multi-octave vocal range and powerful scream he is a classically trained professional vocalist.  Read More

Guitar Setup and Repair

Tracy Longo

Tracy Longo is “The guitar tech to the stars.” He has over 35 years of professional experience in Southern California. Tracy is also a factory trained authorized gold level technician. His master level skills help make Tracy Longo a top notch guitar setup and repair instructor. He has worked with Metal Method since 1998 when he created Guitar Setup and RepairRead More