Intermediate Guitar Lesson – Week 15

25 Licks - an intermediate guitar lesson

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This is not a sample, it’s the full intermediate guitar lesson Week 15 of our 48 Week guitar course. This lesson is valued at $7.95 and is comparable to a $20 private guitar lesson. For more information about the Complete Guitar Course by Doug Marks click here.

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When you signup you’ll receive this week’s practice materials and another lesson in seven days (also for free). There is no obligation to buy anything ever.

Chapter List

This chapter list can be found in the YouTube description of this video. For access to these links you must view the video on YouTube and open the description.  The YouTube list will take you instantly to any chapter in the video.

00:03 Vibrato technique
02:37 Natural harmonics
03:45 Pick harmonics
04:40 Tremolo picking
06:22 Tapping
07:35 Exercise 1 – tapping
07:38 Download tab instruction – click on icon
08:03 Exercise 2 – moveable tapping
08:46 Exercise 3 – bend tap
08:59 Whammy bar tricks
09:53 Tremol-no
11:06 Chromatic explanation
11:46 Exercise 4 – chromatic exercise
12:09 Lesson end
12:19 Download lesson materials