Vocal Power – Jim Gillette

This groundbreaking program remains as popular today as it was when originally introduced in 1991. Vocal Power remains among our top ten sellers year after year and decade after decade.  There’s a good reason for this – these vocal exercises are timeless.  Jim applies these exercises using a hard rock, metal technique but they’re simply the foundation of all vocal styles.  Although Jim Gillette is known for his multi-octave vocal range and powerful scream he is a classically trained professional vocalist.  Order Vocal Power Now!

Jim Gillette

Instructor Jim Gillette

Jim Gillette began singing as a teen, having been exposed to heavy metal through a local skating rink. His goal was to have a higher range than Rob Halford. He went through extensive opera training and developed his own method. He started his career in Phoenix, Arizona with a band called Slut, singing on their demo tape titled “Perversion for a Price”. Gillette heard about a band called Tuff that needed a singer, so he immediately auditioned and then joined the band. Tuff released two demos, “Knock Yourself Out”, and “J’lamour Demo”. It was during this time that Gillette also dabbled at guitar and harmonica, though he never pursued them seriously, rather working on improving his singing.

Gillette left Tuff to go to Hollywood. At a beach party, he met guitar virtuoso Michael Angelo Batio and they soon formed the band Nitro. They recorded Proud To Be Loud in 1987. Nitro’s first live show led to their record deal with Rhino Records.

In 2001, Gillette formed Organ Donor with Chris Campise, James Johnson, and Jesse Mendez. Their first album, The Ultra-Violent, featured Gillette on vocals with guest appearances by Lita Ford, who was his wife at the time, guitarist Michael Angelo, and David Ezrin. Following the release of The Ultra-Violent in 2001, Gillette left the band. Chris Campise took over on vocals and the band recorded Better Off Dead in 2003.

In 2009, Gillette appeared as a back-up vocalist and producer on Lita Ford’s new album, Wicked Wonderland.

Jim’s bio courtesy of Wikipedia