Free Lead Guitar Course – Improvising Lead Guitar by Doug Marks

Intro - lead guitar courseHere’s What is Covered Each Week in this Lead Guitar Course

After you sign up for my Lead Guitar Course I’ll send you a new video lesson each week along with tab and other lesson materials.  Why am I doing this? When you learn what I’m teaching in this free course you’ll notice a radical improvement in your lead guitar playing skills.  With this success I believe that you’ll continue your progress by studying my other programs.

The lead that is performed at the beginning of this video includes a sample of what is taught in this program – a guitar lick, a pattern, an arpeggio, and a lead guitar melody. By the end of this lesson you will learn how to play this lead and how it was composed of these parts.  A rhythm track is included to back you up.  Click here to sign up for the course, receive this lesson’s practice materials, and four more free lessons over the next month. There is no obligation to buy, no down payment, and no credit card fee. Free means free.

lesson 1 - lead guitarWeek 1, Lesson 1 – A Single 6 Note Pattern to Master the Fretboard

First you must learn one simple pattern of notes. This basic shape will help you to memorize note names and to visualize lead patterns.  You’ll be amazed at how quickly this simple shape will unlock areas of the fretboard that are currently a mystery.  In this first lesson I show a couple of very simple licks.  I want you to see how these licks fit into the 6 note pattern.  Each lick, and the position of each lick in the pattern, doesn’t change – regardless of where you play the pattern.  This may sound complicated.  It’s really simple as you’ll see by studying the exercises in this lesson.

On the other hand, as you watch the video you may be thinking, “This is way too basic.”  Just hang in there; you’ve got to understand the basics before moving on to more complex techniques.  You’ll move forward to a more complex pattern next week.  Before getting started with today’s lesson (the video on this page), be sure to download all of the LESSON MATERIALS HERE and sign up to receive all five free lessons. This week’s lesson materials include guitar tab, Guitar Pro file, and 2 fretboard diagrams.

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Week 2, Lesson 2 – The 6 Note Pattern Extended

This is the twelve fret linear pattern that we use to visualize the entire fretboard. This extends the original pattern to cover a big chunk of the neck.  You can use this extended pattern to form a framework for some huge licks, sequences and patterns.  And it’s still simple to learn and simple to use.  Free tab and lesson material are included with this lesson.

You’ll find that the shape of the pattern hasn’t changed from the one that you learned during week one. The position is still exactly the same.  So, the only thing that you’ll need to master is a small extension to last week’s pattern. This small extension will yield big results.  You’ll no longer need to play just in the box patterns.  You’ll be playing horizontally on the neck instead of stuck in box patterns. Once you’ve signed up for the course you will receive this free lesson in one week.

lesson 3 - lead guitar courseWeek 3, Lesson 3 – Connecting the Boxes

Last week I explained how the linear pattern will keep you from being “stuck in the box.”  This week I’ll explain the value of the box system. Am I a flip flopper? Maybe. Truth is, both systems are valuable. A key element of the linear pattern is that it ties the boxes together. Instead of being stuck in a box position you can seamlessly move among the five box patterns.  This lesson shows how the A natural mode fits comfortably in the linear pattern.  This lesson includes a printable fretboard diagram. Once you’ve signed up for the course you will receive this free lesson in two weeks.

lesson 4 - lead guitar courseWeek 4, Lesson 4 – Rhythmic and Melodic Choices to make Lead Guitar Interesting

Patterns and shapes are a great way to memorize the fretboard. They also help you stay in the proper key and mode.  Problem is, they’re boring to play and to listen to without melodies.  The answer to the melody problem is to memorize guitar licks.  Licks supply the rhythmic variations and melodic passages necessary for interesting sounding leads.  Plus, when you study how they are positioned in the linear pattern you’ll be able to move them to different places on the fretboard without changing the basic structure.  The notes and shapes remain the same.

It is absolutely necessary to memorize licks to improvise lead guitar.  Through sheer repetition you need to be able to play licks without thinking about the individual notes. At first that sounds incredibly difficult.  It’s not.  Remember when you first learned to play an open D major chord?  Through repetition you know it so well that you don’t even think of the individual notes.  You just play the chord.  That’s exactly how you need to experience guitar licks. This lesson will teach you how to do this. it also includes guitar tab and diagrams to show you how licks fit into the linear pattern. Once you’ve signed up for the course you will receive this free lesson in three weeks.

lesson 5 - lead guitar courseWeek 5 – Completing the Lead Guitar Course

Finally, we’re putting it all together. The first sound you heard in this course was the guitar lead at the introduction. In this lesson you’ll not only learn how to play the lead but you’ll understand how each part fits together to form the lead.  Guitar tab and a bass / drum backing track are included. Once you’ve signed up for the course you will receive this free lesson in four weeks.