Soloing With Arpeggios – Week One


Lead Guitar DNA uses 2 Sting Arpeggios to teach chord tone soloing techniques. In this supplemental lesson these techniques are employed in the key of E minor.

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This lesson comes with 4 new exercises based on the arpeggios taught in Lead Guitar DNA and a brand new killer backing track in E minor. You can practice the 4 exercises over this track or just have a blast and rip out leads using any material you have ever studied.

The exercises in this lesson are designed to challenge your playing technique and help the student to gain a better visualization of the chord tone on the fretboard. The exercises work on parallel motion of the 2 string shapes as well as diagonal octave leaps.

A GP6 file is also included with a full backing track tab for your convenience. Slow down and speed up the file to build technique!



Digital Download, Week 1 and 2


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