Lead Guitar DNA

Lead Guitar DNA

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Learning to play lead guitar, for most guitarists, begins with the minor pentatonic scale.  The shape is easy to play, our index finger can stay in the same fret, and mostly, it never seems to sound bad. But there comes a point for every guitarist that they realize the pentatonic scale is a dead end. You wind up stuck in a box, regurgitating the same riffs over and over with no regard for the chords you are playing over.

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Get out of the Pentatonic rut

In order to be an effective and creative lead guitarist you must have a strong understanding of the relationship between the licks you are playing and the chords you are playing over. Lead Guitar DNA will show you a clear approach to understanding this relationship. This program explains the need to understand 2 string arpeggios to master lead guitar.

Included with your DVD are a variety of on disk files that will help you along the way.  These include: Printable tab booklet, bass and drum backing tracks, and play along GuitarPro files.

What you will learn in this program

  • 2 string arpeggios
  • Common tone soloing
  • Chord tone soloing
  • Modal soloing
  • Triad soloing
  • Triad chord theory
  • Move beyond the pentatonic
  • Lead guitar improvising
  • Includes guitar and bass backing MP3 tracks
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Reviews (2)

2 reviews for Lead Guitar DNA

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Kevin Eyles

    I used to find music theory heavy going and hard to understand. That was until I found a great teacher in Dee J Nelson. This video was really helpful for me in adding spice to my lead playing. I previously learnt a lot of licks and techniques from tab, but this program explained how to analyse chord progressions and relationships. Using triads, arpeggios as well as modal and pentatonic scales has really added a new dimension to my playing. Even if you aren’t big on the theory, there are plenty of great tab examples to go with the backing tracks that can be easily transposed to any key. Something for everyone. Cheers

  2. Rated 3 out of 5


    The spoken words are quiet and then the music is loud as hell.

    Great lessons! I see the usefulness and cannot wait to start implementing these techniques.

    However, potential customers should note that this is farther advanced than the minor pentatonic scale. I assumed that the advertised list of techniques was just highlights. I assumed there was more of a beginner’s approach to it.
    Consequently, everything on this DVD is far beyond my capabilities.

    But, I like it and DJ does a pretty good job of explaining it so, I want to keep it.

    Also, brand new DVD, freshly opened packaging, and found playback troubles due to scratches and pock marks on the disc itself.
    Brand new DVD, scratched to hell. And I threw out the envelope so, I can’t send it back for replacement. That’s my bad but, at any rate, if Doug Marks wants to remain in business, he should implement quality controls. I’m a first time customer and slightly annoyed at the fact that I spent $20 plus shipping, waited an agonizing 3 days, and got a scratched up DVD that doesn’t play very well.

    • mm

      Sarah Spisak

      Hi Jason, Sorry to hear about the scratched DVD! We are sending a replacement. The quickest way to let us know about something like this is the contact form on our web site. 🙂

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