Guitar Pro 7 – 10% Student Discount

Increase Picking Speed

Guitar Pro 7.5 – Metal Method Student Discount

To use our Guitar Pro animated tab files you must install this program.  There’s no faster way to master our exercises than to play along with the animated tab. Check it out!  You must enter metalmethod in the coupon window to receive a 10% discount. Click here to order Guitar Pro 7.5 and receive a 10% discount.

Looks Scary?

Yes, when you watch the video and see the many features this program includes it looks overwhelming.  To master our lessons, all you need to do is click on the file then click on the play icon to play along with our tab.  From there you’ll learn how to change the tempo (slow it down to make it easy to learn) and loop parts to practice each section a measure at a time.  Gradually, you’ll begin to master other aspects of the program.  There are great videos on the Guitar Pro website that will help you along the way.  I’ve been using this program for ten years but still find it helpful to review these videos.

Check it out for free!

That’s right, try it out with our lessons.  Play along at any speed.  Print out tab and more.  You can download Guitar Pro and use the full version of the program for 30 days for free.  When you do decide to buy, be sure to include metalmethod in the coupon window for a 10% discount.  Get started now!